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  1. SirJimR

    Looks like JLR are worried - "commercial version" of the Defender coming in 2024

    New variants including a "commecial" version coming in the 2024 Defender lineup. Looks like the "commercial" one will still attract LCT and is stupidly priced at $110,000 before onroads. Article:
  2. bmore_burnsy

    Ineos Automotive v. JLR, No. 2:21-cv-13174 (D.N.J.)

    Is anyone else following the federal trademark litigation in New Jersey? Any bets on whether Judge Neals rules before the 3/31 CJRA reporting deadline? The MTD has been ripe for 14 months. I also have wondered whether the NA pricing and order book timeline has been pushed back, in part, due to...
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