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  1. Shaheens

    The universal INEOS MOLLE Panels

    I got my side Molle Panels installed from Bison Gear. I choose them because it comes with universal Molle panel holes it fits any accessories you need. Very good price, quick shipping, and easy to install. A tip for installation: install it in the floor and then put it on the car. I added on...
  2. G-Man

    Private Plate in the UK and Service Records/Ineos Roadside Assist

    Hi Folks, 2 weeks into ownership and loving it. Quick question for other UK owners who might have already had a similar experience as I can't get a straight answer from dealer or Ineos Customer Services: If I put a private plate on my Gren, who do I need to inform in relation to Servicing and...
  3. M

    Greetings from Texas / Montana and points between and a big shout out to Warner Ineos Grenadier in SLC!

    I took delivery Friday of my Scottish White Ineos Grenadier SW w/ Rough Pack and a few other niceties. Extending a huge shout out to James George, Clayton Wilde, Cory Lovoi and the folks at Warner Ineos Grenadier in West SLC. James, Clayton and the staff took care of all my needs and attended to...
  4. Bluesurf


    Summer Auto Parts make lots of items for the Grenadear. You can check out their videos on YouTube. They just made a very robust tow hook Bracket. View:
  5. K

    New Ineos driver in Georgia, USA

    Hey everyone, I recently picked up my 2024 Grenadier and joined the Ineos Community. If anyone has any tip, tricks, and good useful accessories I am all ears. Thanks!!
  6. L

    Ineos Bellstaff Jacket for sale - Sydney

    Hi, I am joining in order to find a new owner for the beautiful Olive green Ineos Bellstaff Grenadier jacket (Sydney) that came with the car. We have no use for it and I was hoping there may be someone from colder climes who may like it. Absolutely new, still in bag with tags.
  7. dreamalaska

    Free Online Ineos VIN Decoder?

    Has anyone found an accurate free VIN decoder for the Grenadier? Preferably one showing all codes for the build. Thanks in advance.
  8. D

    Australasia Fraser’s Newcastle ineos

    Hi all, My local dealer ( Newcastle Australia) has not had a Mechanic for nearly four months now. And can’t tell me if they are even going to get another. I don’t know if I’m jumping to conclusions, but alarm bells are ringing that another dealer might shut down. The options are Port Maqaurie...
  9. AWo

    Regarding n-tv (German news channel) Ineos plans a third modell

    I just found a Quartermaster review on the news channel ( In the end of the article it is mentioned that a third modell is planned and it should have the size of a Suzuki...
  10. hclark

    HGM-Rack - Ineos Roof Rack Install.

    I am picking up my new car end of the month and have been looking at roof racks. I want cut outs for the safari windows and found this company in Austria. Does anyone know if roof racks are easy to fit at home? Or anything about these roof racks in particular...
  11. K

    Local Area Thread Ineos ist anscheinend bei Janka Sommerfest in Fulda Petersberg

    Moin, am 25.5 ist eigentlich auf Jäger ausgerichtet das Sommerfest des lokalen Jagdausrüsters Janka in Fulda / Petersberg. Auf der Liste der Aussteller ist auch Ineos / Grenadier wie hier im Link Sommerfest Janka wohl unter den Ausstellern.. Bis dahin bin ich wahrscheinlich aus Griechenland...
  12. S

    INEOS Grenadier-Toronto

    Hey Guys, My name is Shub and I am the Sales Specialist at INEOS Grenadier, located in Mississauga, ON. We are one of the two dealerships in Canada, and we are proud to be a part of INEOS. If anyone has any questions for me, please do not hesitate in asking and I will be more then happy to help...
  13. L

    Ineos considering US production and new models

    Ineos Automotive CEO Lynn Calder has confirmed the British 4x4 company is considering building a factory in the U.S. to manufacture its Grenadier Quartermaster pickup as well as the Grenadier SUV wagon. The Quartermaster would be positioned in America as a rival to the Jeep Wrangler-based...
  14. R


    Hello everyone I got a Quarter Master and i found a tool! Im wondering what is that tool for ?
  15. C


    Just had an emai from Ineos they are changing the station wagon so you can claim the VAT What have they changed?????
  16. MileHigh

    Ineos at trade show… not what you think.

    I’m here at the American Coatings Show in Indy and there is an Ineos booth, white TiO2. I stopped by and they were aware of the Grenadier, but had never met an American with one. I asked about the pronunciation of “Ineos”. The straight dope is that it depends on country. Here in the US, it...
  17. SQF1

    Cybertruck lost, Ineos gained

    Hello, I've been lurking the forums for a while. Now that I should be picking up my IG in the next month or so I figured I would say hi. This will be my work truck. I ordered a Cybertruck in 2019 and the company agreed to purchase that as my work truck. Delays upon delays and my current...
  18. Paddy

    Lurking in the shadows... time to say hello from an INEOS employee!

    Hello all, my name is Paddy and I'm based in Hampshire, UK. I was spotted by @simonpa in an early chassis numbered Eldoret Blue, TM yesterday and I thought it was time to introduce myself after 6 months of watching.... I am the Global Programme Manager for Used Vehicles at INEOS Automotive...
  19. ADVAW8S

    Updated Ineos Grenadier Brochure

    Here is the updated USA Brochure that includes the Quartermaster. Fun fact: the QM is 1 inch shorter in height than the SW. At the same time 21 inches longer than the SW
  20. SkiBum1

    DuPont Registry Magazine Has an Ineos review.

    I was in the airport yesterday and saw the DuPont Registry magazine with a cover story review of the Trialmaster! Very cool (although simplistic) article and photos of the Ineos! I am not posting the text of the full article here of course. Just some cover shots. If you find the magazine...
  21. Mohs 9

    3rd party Videos Technik Talk mit Elmar: Reiseausbau im INEOS GRENADIER

    View: Especially for the German audience, some infos about tire size, speedometer adjustment, battery system and the door hinge.
  22. mlagren23

    Americas Please por favor change the existing electric buzzer sound for a mellow Star Trekish warning that is reassuring and kind to the soul. All in favor? .

    Here is what you can do INEOS. Change that overspeed electric buzzer heart attack inducing sound to a...
  23. rovie

    INEOS Grenadier x Detour Disco

    I have received an invitation from Ineos Grenadier for a party at lofty heights amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the Swiss Alps. From May 10 to 12, 2024, Ineos Grenadier will bring the music to the mountains and support the Detour Disco in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. I'm thinking about going...
  24. madrowe

    pimp my Ineos

    Dear members, Yesterday I saw an Ineos that adjusted the rear ladder so that there was room for a fuel tank behind it, does anyone know this conversion and where can you get it?
  25. madrowe

    Local Area Thread Offroad Elsass

    War jemand von euch schon Mal im Valee de la zorn im Elsass zum Offroaden? Gerne würde ich von euren Erfahrungen profitieren!
  26. madrowe

    New Member

  27. dreamalaska

    Ineos Grenadier Mexico

    Greg Clark, Vice President of Ineos Automotive of the Americas, mentioned on the “Car Stuff Podcast” Episode 214 April 8, 2024 that Ineos will be launching in Mexico sometime in the 4th Quarter 2024. Interview starts at the 21:40 mark
  28. TheDocAUS


    DRAFT - STILL BEING COMPILED BACKGROUND The Table lists possible third-party suppliers of air filters for the INEOS Grenadier B57 Diesel Motor (the air filter is also used on the B58 NEEDS CONFRIMATION). When in doubt use the INEOS air filter. The INEOS filter is 68mm thick. The 68mm includes...
  29. Top Cat

    Australasia Dealership to hand back license to Ineos +

    Some disappointing and frustrating news. Adelaide Hills Motor Group here in South Australia and the only dealer/agent in the state is closing down its showroom on the last day of April. This dealership (agency) was, looking at the comments in the forum, one of the best. Excellent rapport with...
  30. Boise

    INEOS Tech Session - Boise, ID

    Lyle Pearson INEOS Grenadier will be hosting a Tech Session here at our shop. Anyone that can make it is welcome. I'll leave the link below to get more info and RSVP! Tech Session Sign-up
  31. A

    Natual disasters and Ineos

    I just had the pleasure of driving the Grenadier through a Noreaster and an Earthquake in NJ this week. I used to drive a Hummer H1 and the comparison of security and feeling of going through any weather or terrain is the same. Any other stories out there.
  32. IG_in_AZ

    Warner Ineos Hard Way Home Kanab Utah Great video from Warner Ineos of our Hard Way Home weekend training adventure in Kanab, UT a few weeks ago. Thanks to Mike Reed, Tony Warner and Warner Ineos in West...
  33. Red pepper

    Australasia Ineos Grenadier recalled in Australia
  34. G

    Tracking your Ineos in production.

    I ordered a Bronco about 3 years ago and once I got a vin I was able to track the vehicle through production. Is there anything similar from Ineos or another website to facilitate this. The reason i ask is because my dealer has given me a VIN but the Ineos website has not changed from...
  35. R

    Hello from Needham Ma. Just picked up my Ineos Trialmaster.

    Looking forward to enjoying the car on and off road and meeting fellow owners
  36. S

    The 'Ineos Compass'

    This was published in Daily Mail ( UK ) yesterday. The Ineos Compass was created by Jim Ratcliffe as 'a fun way of attempting to capture how the company works'. Some very pertinent 'words' applicable to the Grenadier etc...!
  37. kxazmsettles1208

    New to the INEOS family

    Really enjoying my INEOS since purchasing Dec 2023. Looking forward to many new adventures.
  38. holdmybeer

    3rd party Videos Interview: Hambach, France: INEOS Engine Assembly Team Leader

    A pleasant puff piece... (If you don't understand French, Youtube will generally let you watch with autotrans CC.)
  39. Ian Wright

    The Wright Event - INEOS Grenadier Off Road Training & Driving Experiences UK

    INEOS Grenadier Off Road Driving Experiences This driving experience lets you test this new-to-the-market off roader on acres of private land near West Malling in Kent. You can choose a private one-to-one drive, or join a shared group experience. What you can expect: This driving experience...
  40. Stu_Barnes


    INEOS AUTOMOTIVE LAUNCHES GRENADIER QUARTERMASTER CHASSIS CAB Five-seat double cab chassis variant uses the same extended frame as the Grenadier Quartermaster pick-up and is targeted at specialist conversion companies and commercial body builders. Exposed ladder frame rear of the cabin...
  41. GrenX

    GrenX Ineos Grenadier 68L Auxiliary Fuel Sub Tank Brown Davis

    Sharing an update on development of the auxiliary fuel tank for the Ineos Grenadier. Here is the 2nd iteration prototype being test fitted before the final design is set. 68L GrenX
  42. TheDocAUS

    Infotainment Console software improvements – INEOS wish-list - add your own

    Time to assist INEOS in making functional improvements to the Infotainment Firmware, based on real world use. Please add your own ideas. NIGHT MENU I would like to see a Night Menu Option, which minimises the Infotainment Console reflections in the rear windows at night. First, the Menu Option...
  43. Krabby

    INEOS and Grenadier logos Vector & AI

    I tracked down and setup the INEOS and Grenadier logos as a vector file. It is an .SVG file and will open in Adobe Illustrator or any vector-capable software.
  44. T

    Missing Ineos

    I ordered my Ineos on the same day as the rest of the enthusiasts and yes my date slipped like most from November to February and now that has come and clearly gone…. Today after me calling Matt repeatedly ( Ineos Irvine) I was told my build would be later than august now?? In January he said...
  45. AWo

    Ineos Grenadier burned down in Germany - Technical defect

    I just came by that news. In Wapelfeld, Germany the IG of a lady caught fire and burned down on 03-01-2024. She was able to leave the car and get away safe. The police said it was a technical defect...
  46. parb

    Americas Called Ineos to figure out my cars status

    Ordered in Sept 23 with an estimated delivery date of Q1 24. Kuhn in redwood City called me in November to let me know they would handle the order. Then in December something went sideways with kuhns and I heard people got their orders from dealers in southern California. I waited to be...
  47. Stu_Barnes

    Ineos Fusilier
  48. Jeremy996

    3rd party Videos Canny Outdoors - "Five reasons I am unhappy with Ineos. Why was my Grenadier towed away?

    Newish video from John Canny, voicing moans a number of us will identify with. His previous videos are worth a watch, including a van rollover and some recovery with a non-functioning winch and lockers. View:
  49. TheDocAUS

    INEOS using less Torx bolts/screws?

    Just FYI. My car (VIN 7719) does not have Torx bolts on the door sills (drivers and passenger doors checked so far), but hex head bolts. I know earlier cars had Torx bolts. INEOS are still using Torx elsewhere, like the bonnet opening lever and the second bolt/screw under the lever and in the...
  50. TheDocAUS

    Filter for Diesel water separator – INEOS Part No: GRA3E12019770

    The Diesel water separator is standard on the AU Spec Diesel engines but optional in some other countries. The second fuel filter is not fitted to petrol motors. AU SPEC DIESEL – REAR FUEL FILTER IS THE ONE TO CHANGE This AU Spec Diesel is fitted with two fuel filters. The Diesel water...
  51. TheDocAUS


    BACKGROUND This post is in two parts. Part 1 lists possible third-party suppliers of oil filters for the INEOS Grenadier B57 Diesel Motor (the oil filter is also used on the B58). Part 2 looks at some third-party oil filter available in Australia. It summarises some basic features with a view...
  52. MTNDOG

    Letech Ladder, Ineos Steel Cargo Barrier and Ineos Cargo Divider

    Is it possible to source any of these items to the USA? I can't seem to get a straight answer if the Cargo Barrier and the Cargo Divider will be available to purchase as an accessory in the US. and Not sure if anyone has had success ordering Letech products into the US. Any help or alternate...
  53. OverlandGearGuy

    Overland gear guy - INEOS Grenadier Slide Floor and Drawer Top

    INEOS Grenadier Slide Floor and Drawer Top View: This video showcases a new slide floor and drawer top system designed for the Ineos Grenadier by Diabolical Inc. The system is made of aluminum and has two removable top panels, similar to the...
  54. Christian


    After some research, I decided to purchase a modified RHINO RACK PIONEER PLATTFORM INEOS GRENADIER from Taubenreuther. But I'm starting small and only have bought the BACKBONE KIT INEOS GRENADIER and 3 RECONN-DECK QUERTRÄGER 1650 MM, to transport my roof tent, bike rack or canoes. With these...
  55. E

    3rd party Videos Ineos Grenadier @ Windrock going hard!

    Found this good video of Grenadier doing some nice rock crawling on trail 11 at Windrock. View:
  56. Rupert

    Ineos Grenadiers and Beers Dallas, Texas February 28 5pm to 7pm

    There is a pretty decent pub downtown called Harwood Arms that I think would be a cool place to meet up and chat about our rigs. Please respond if this might be of any interest to anyone in the Dallas area.
  57. [ Adam ]

    Third Monday - Ineos Grenadiers of DC, Maryland & Virginia

    Hey all - I scoped out a British pub in Vienna called the Hawk & Griffin and thought it might be cool to have a monthly meet. Let's do the third Monday of the month? Grab some beers and talk grenadiers - owners, those waiting and prospective owners welcome. 7:30PM work for everyone on 2/19...
  58. Dudlington

    Introduction INEOS

    Hi everyone I was the Lead Engineer inside Ineos for Exterior from the startup of this project. Currently I work in quality/customer feedback in the factory in Hambach France. I am here to add some reasons and clarity to some of the questions/queries. Please be gentle as this vehicle was not...
  59. G

    Ineos Seatcovers

    Oh happy day, my accessories arrived! Swing by my dealer today to get checker plates and rear folding table added. Also picked up the factory seatcovers. Let’s just say, they are the most unimpressive thing I have encountered on this project. Utter rubbish. Highly recommend avoiding the...
  60. Zartoon

    Southern California Ineos Club - SoCal Grenadiers

    The Southern California Ineos club will have its first meeting at the Hungry Valley off road vehicle skills test area. Here are the details: When: Sunday March 17th at 10am Where: Hungry Valley OHV park. Skills test area next to Aliklik area. South entrance. Exit Smokey Bear Road from the 5...
  61. MileHigh

    3rd party Videos VIDEO: Ineos Grenadier Off Roading in the Lake District | Graythwaite Estate Green Laning

    Lots of off road, slippery action. I don't have mine yet, but the passenger/owner(?) seemed to move between the high/low and the differential locks with out stopping or putting it in neutral. I don't have mine yet, so I forget the correct/published method. And I'm not sure what exactly he was...
  62. Stu_Barnes

    2023 Ineos Grenadier review (Autocar NZ) When Defender was no longer a basic off-roader, Ineos devised a modern successor, the Grenadier. It’s the real deal, at home off road. It’s not often you attend the launch of a new model AND a new brand simultaneously. To qualify that, a...
  63. Curry INEOS Grenadier

    Americas Curry Ineos Grenadier Available Units!

    Hello everyone! After lurking on here for a little while, I figured now is a better time than ever to make a formal introduction and give Curry Ineos Grenadier a presence here on the forums! I'm Michael Fiore, one of the sales representatives at Curry Ineos Grenadier in Danbury, CT. I already...
  64. sean303boards

    0% finance from INEOS for new customers!?!?

    So INEOS automotive is offering 0% interest financing to new people that haven’t supported them if they order now!? Here’s an email my brother got: When originally financing I think they offered me 12% apr and I had 30% down. A bit of a kick in the teeth.
  65. Lars

    Americas INEOS Grenadier Recalled Over Potential Steering Rod Ball Joint Disconnection

    Has anyone been contacted in the U.S. about this potential recall?
  66. Bison-Gear

    Bison Gear Ineos

    Hello, it's Paweł from Bison Gear. I'm excited to share that we're collaborating with Grenadier to bring you new and innovative products. Our initial set of accessories is already on the market, and we're working on expanding the range even further. Stay tuned for a comprehensive selection...
  67. S

    Local Area Thread Jemand bei den Abenteuer 4x4 Ineos Experience Days kommendes Wochenende?

    Weiss nicht wer es mitbekommen hat, aber kommendes Wochenende am 19.-20.1. Sind Ineos Grenadier Experience Days nähe Coburg. Ab 16Uhr gibt es da auch einen 12V Workshop. Wegen dem wollte ich eigentlich hin. Aber denke wegen 1000km an und Abfahrt für mich...
  68. CJV

    Americas Philadelphia Main Line Ineos

    Hello: I have been driving my Scottish White Trialmaster for a few weeks now and have seen only one other Grenny on teh Main Line - Inky Black in Gladwyne. It would be great to connect with some local owners. – Chris V.
  69. shawtrav

    Rejecting a vehicle back to Ineos

    Hi, I have rejected my vehicle back to Ineos due to vehicle faults and the dealer's inability to rectify them. A question - who else has rejected their vehicle? How did Ineos respond? It would be interesting to understand how big a problem this is for Ineos.
  70. equismorio


    I have not received any updates from INEOS or from the DEALER regarding the whereabouts of my vehicle since October - that's about three months ago. And my IG online status has not changed since that time. Is anyone experiencing the same, has it changed, and what you did to obtain the latest...
  71. GrenX

    Winch Cradle Ineos Grenadier Photos

    Has anyone got photos of the factory winch cradle with the front bar removed?
  72. TheDocAUS

    INEOS Fitting Guides for Accessories

    INEOS Accessories Installation Guides for Dealers, Installers and DYIers, look here. If asked for a country choose UK. Look on the left of the page for the various categories like exterior, interior, roof rack and cross bars. It is a treasure trove of information, aimed at the Dealers and...
  73. M

    UPDATE.....From New Mexico..Vehicle is in hour of Saturday March 30th.....

  74. TanisIndependentTraders

    Americas Email from Ineos Grenadier Shop: 20% off Grenadier Kit in January

    Just a head's up; today I received an email with this discount code: NEWYEARGRENADIER in case anyone wants a discounted t-shirt with an outdated mock-up of the Grenadier.
  75. McPharmer II

    Local Area Thread Kontaktaufnahme mit Ineos Automotiv Deutschland

    Mein letzter (verzweifelter) Versuch mit IA Deutschland Kontakt aufzunehmen. Falls ein Mitarbeiter von IA D diesen Thread lesen sollte, bitte ich um Kontaktaufnahme per PN. Danke und Gruß Helge Edit: Mit ausgezeichneter Hilfe aus diesem Forum habe ich Kontakt zu Ineos herstellen können. Vielen...
  76. Sela Green

    Americas Life with an Ineos

    Reservation was made way back then... Took delivery Dec 30th, 2023. Delivered to me at my place of work in northern Colorado. Relatively short orientation by the salesperson. My first impressions were really good. It is a good-looking vehicle. I feel the dealer rushed the delivery. The...
  77. bazooka tooth

    Americas Delivery Day at RDS Ineos Grenadier

    Today was the long awaited delivery day for me and my IG. Made the trek from NOVA to Devon, PA and even though I arrived an hour early, the staff at RDS were all over it. While the delivery scheduled prior to mine was still wrapping up I was able to take my own IG on a test drive with Shawn...
  78. Rok_Dr

    Ineos Grenadier Fluids and Specifications.

    Hi All The attached was recently provided to me by Ineos support in partial answer to the many questions I posed to them. It expands on what @CountyV8 posted in an earlier thread and interestingly notes that African and some ASEAN countries Grenadiers only meet Euro4 standards. For the...
  79. AngusMacG

    New recall from NHTSA/Ineos just saw a brief article that INEOS is recalling about 700 vehicles for the auxiliary wiring issue.
  80. shawtrav

    Ineos Grenadier - rejected

    Hi all, Has anyone else rejected their vehicle? - perhaps because Ineos and the dealer couldn't get their act together and actually fix the faults. I have rejected mine, and am now in discussion with Ineos to agree a refund value - which may tale a while and will probably end up before the...
  81. sean0809

    Wind Noise with fitted INEOS light bar - help!

    Last weekend was my first long motorway trip in the new Fieldmaster. However after an hour I struggled to carry on as I couldn’t deal with the whistling wind noise that, I’d guess, is down to the light bar, fitted as per the order, with the 2 cross bars. When I collected the car the front cross...
  82. Logsplitter

    INEOS Media The story of Ineos

  83. Offroad

    Americas Ineos CEO Interview.

  84. TheDocAUS

    KAON in Australia to develop INEOS products in 2024

    For Australian owners, KAON is coming back on board in 2024 to develop products for the INEOS. They have been No, then Yes, then No (after the new Prado was announced) and now Yes again. Updated via Ben Neville from Aussie FB page. They will develop a rear roof shelf, side molle panels and a...
  85. RunBikeDive


    Mossy Ineos will be back in Arizona on Dec 16th.
  86. R

    Americas Ask the Dealer - Rusnak INEOS Grenadier Los Angeles

    Hello Forum, Below are a few updates on our earliest arriving vehicles. We know many of you placed orders years ago and are patiently waiting to pick up your Grenadier. Vehicles - we are expecting to receive around 40 vehicles between now and the end of the year with the majority coming in...
  87. Ko Ineos Grenadier

    Americas Ask the Dealer - Ko Ineos Grenadier Massachusetts

    Greetings! I would like to formally introduce ourselves to this Ineos Grenadier forum community. Ko Ineos Grenadier is the Northeast / New England Ineos Grenadier Dealer and Service Center. We are located in Framingham Massachusetts, approximately 14 miles West of Boston. We are very excited...
  88. Stu_Barnes


    The first series production Grenadier Quartermaster double cab pick-ups have started rolling off INEOS Automotive’s production line in Hambach, France. Customer deliveries in Europe are due to start in December 2023, with shipments to Asia Pacific, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East...
  89. AngusMacG

    Americas KO Ineos - Framingham MA

    I drove over to KO Ineos in Framingham yesterday. No vehicles there at all. The 2 demos they have go home with the current management. I may try to schedule another test drive and ask them about getting on this forum. I'd like to see better communication from them (as I have noted in other...
  90. Saschi

    Local Area Thread INEOS Grenadier Community Get-Together 02.12.2023 bei MB Offroad in Maselheim

    Liebe Grenadier Freunde! Ist jemand aus unserem Forumskreis bei dem INEOS Grenadier Community Get-Together am 02.12.2023 bei MB Offroad 88437 in Maselheim? Ich würde mich freuen, den einen oder anderen persönlich kennenzulernen! Allen ein schönes Wochenende! Sascha
  91. Jean Mercier

    Ineos "lurkers"

    Some days ago I discovered by casualty a way to see who follows me on this forum: On any forum page click on your name then, in the pop-up window, click on your name again on the next window, in the grey bar, there is an "about" button, click on it in the lower part of the screen you find your...
  92. Norb-TX

    Americas Houston Greners - Mossy Ineos

    Just checking in to see how many we have. I've already visited their temporary showroom and took a test drive.
  93. holdmybeer

    Plenty of job openings at INEOS Automotive

    Currently 138 positions are open. Have a browse. 🍻
  94. AngusMacG

    Americas Communications (INEOS and dealer)

    Just my impression of communications from INEOS and my local dealer. I am underwhelmed regarding communications from post-reservation and follow-ups. For a new vehicle and company(ies) entering the market I would expect more updates from both INEOS and local dealers. It does appear that the...
  95. Tatum

    Tougher Ineos Grenadier Seat Covers

    TOUGHER SEAT COVERS now available for the Ineos Grenadier. At TOUGHER, we understand the essence of rugged, reliable vehicles like the Ineos vehicle. Our commitment to quality and durability drives us to create exceptional seat covers and accessories, engineered to safeguard your Ineos’s...
  96. Lyros

    Local Area Thread INEOS Experience Days - Offroadpark Bayern in Großmehring

    Servus, Habe gestern eine Email von Schmidt Premium Cars (Baierbrunn) erhalten. Sie laden zur INEOS Experience Days Tutorial Tour 2023 am 24. November ein. Es wird im Offroadpark Bayern in Großmehring stattfinden. Wäre dann aber auch nur mit dem eigenen Fahrzeug. Gibt es hier einige...
  97. Blackbox88


    Just saw this one coming by, pretty cool: View: Linked to this thread:
  98. Arkaig

    INEOS Quartermaster Pickup Review by Powerfulkltd

    A well balanced review by Simon of the Quartermaster together with a look at what direction Ineos Automotive appear to be heading in. QM review
  99. Deepblue

    1. Ineos Grenadier Festival Switzerland

    Hedin the Ineos Grenadier dealer in Switzerland had invited to a great event: 1st Ineos Grenadier Festival Switzerland. Presentation of the Quartermaster, outdoor activities and most important good opportunity to meet other Grenadier drivers. Long evening with delicious food, drinks and...
  100. grenadierboy

    Australasia INEOS 4x4 Club of Victoria

    Today, the INEOS 4x4 Club of Victoria Inc. was established at the Australian head offices of INEOS Automotive in Melbourne, by a group of enthausiastic Grenadier owners & soon-to-be-owners. By-laws were accepted, committee members elected and over the coming days/weeks a range of administration...
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