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  1. Wueste

    Funny phone call from Ineos

    I got a phone call from INEOS this week. They asked: "Have you signed your contract yet?" I said: "Of course, I've also had the car since the middle of June." They then: "We have an incoming payment, but no signed contract. But therefore the process is then completed." Me: "Yes, I am happy to...
  2. V

    Richie McCaw driving the Ineos

    I thought it was his, but the dealer tells me it was their demo :-) View:
  3. AWo

    Big pushback for Ineos Chemicals

    Regarding the Chemical Manager CheManager magazine a court in Belgium has stopped Ineos big investment, a new gas cracker in Antwerp, volume 3.5 Billion Euros minimum. The court rejected the environmental approval after some adjacent Dutch regions and 14 NGO's protested. The project was...
  4. DaveB

    Ineos buys 85% f Kavango Engineering
  5. holdmybeer

    Ineos says their communication delays are due to too many pre-orders

    I received this email from Ineos customer service this morning (2023-08-15):
  6. alvan

    Assistance from other times, INEOS in Flying colors... (technical manager for Italy arrived by plane with the technician from Germany)

    Assistance from other times, standing ovation to Ineos and its technicians. For a pressure loss from a sensor, a/c dead. 35-40° C. and prospect in ten days of crossing Italy without a/c. Summer holidays on the way and therefore the prospect of a zero-nada solution. Great availability of Ineos...
  7. TJNZ

    Kia Ora from Auckland New Zealand.

    Im one of the Sales Team members for INEOS Armstrongs in Auckland New Zealand. Great to read everyone's stories and seeing so many interest in the INEOS Brand here in NZ. Lets keep it up!!
  8. jb_hamon

    Mail to INEOS after sales manager

    Here is a copy of the mail sent this morning to INEOS‘ after sail manager for France (not sure if he’s in charge for Europe to…) « Mr …, On the advice of INEOS customer service who provided me with your contact details, I take the liberty of contacting you in order to address various questions...
  9. Jean Mercier

    Interview of Jim Ratcliffe in my Flemish Financial Newspaper

    With his picture on the Front page too. Here the unformatted and uncorrected translation Ineos CEO Jim Ratcliffe: 'Does Europe still want a chemical sector?' “If no more investments are possible in Europe, the chemical sector will slowly die, as the textile sector has died,” warns Ineos CEO...
  10. DCPU

    Distribution of the Ineos Grenadier in France: a growing network of agents

    Some interesting snippets: "On the sidelines of a visit to the Hambach factory where Lynn Calder and Philippe Steyer confirmed that Ineos intends to produce 15,000 Grenadier in 2023, then 30,000 in 2024" "Before adding that with the transition to two teams, the Hambach factory will...
  11. DCPU

    Ineos CEO Lynn Calder: politicians need to get real about the green transition

    Some interesting snippets. "In the case of the Ineos electric 4×4 that Calder plans to have on sale in 2026, the powertrain costs roughly three times as much as a combustion equivalent. ‘It will only get worse as more and more countries pull from those limited raw materials." "We might pretty...
  12. O

    Gablini Grenadier Dealer in Budapest?

    My wife and I will be vacationing in Hungary next week and would like to visit the INEOS Dealer listed there, Gablini, at “Notarius u. 5-7, 1141” in Budapest. Does anyone know if they are up and running with a showroom, gift shop for Grenadier accessories, etc.?
  13. C

    Ineos new owner questionnaire

    Hi All Anyone else had the new customer satisfaction questionnaire ?
  14. O

    Contact expected from Ineos in July 2023?

    I will be traveling next month (July 2023) and fear I might miss a communication from Ineos (I am a reservation holder and have submitted a pre-order). Could someone remind me what it is we are to expect in July regarding the order process?
  15. DCPU

    Ineos webinar - How do you effectively build a community on social before a product launch?

    Should be interesting... View: Link from bio:
  16. @nd

    Ineos Survey

    i have just received an email from Ineos to take a survey on the Grenadier now i have been an owner for a few weeks :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: You should be all getting the same i assume, this may be an opportunity to notify them of our concerns
  17. pioneerofthenile

    bmw/ ineos - s58 engine (running costs out of warranty)

    many think this engine is a HR. one of the best engines that BMW has ever made. YO even used it in one of their cars as well. but if this engine is so great why can you buy a pre-owned bmw that has one for such a great savings? (there's no mad rush to gobble these up) plus there's no...
  18. H

    Q&A Americas Are we able to buy accessories from our Ineos dealer after delivery? And if so, will the prices be increased from the configurator?

    Are we able to buy accessories from our Ineos dealer after delivery? And if so, will the prices be increased from the configurator? Just like the title says: Can we order accessories from the dealer after our delivery, and if so, are the prices going to be the same as what's in the configurator...
  19. C

    US Website configurator locked for May 31 Pre-Order Launch

    The US website has locked reservation holders out of the configurator in preparation for the May 31 Pre-Order launch. We will learn the dealer locations and contacts, and presumably be able to reconfigure, finalize and pre-order our machines. I confirmed with a...
  20. DaBull

    Q&A Americas Will Ineos allow you to spec a heavier spring in your build than their build sheet generates.

    If I decide to not option either the side steps or rock sliders because I prefers an aftermarket solution, will Ineos allow us to request a heavier spring set up as if we did option either a side step or rock slider. That way, when we put on an after market side step or rock slider, the vehicle...
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