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  1. TheDocAUS

    Infotainment Console software improvements – INEOS wish-list - add your own

    Time to assist INEOS in making functional improvements to the Infotainment Firmware, based on real world use. Please add your own ideas. NIGHT MENU I would like to see a Night Menu Option, which minimises the Infotainment Console reflections in the rear windows at night. First, the Menu Option...
  2. emax

    What do you think should be addressed in the next iteration of the Grenadier?

    I think we should gather our insights for improvements here. If INEOS is reading along here, they will get some feedback that way. Although I don't have my Grenadier yet, I do have some points in mind after we inspected ours. Rear doors: offer a configurator option to choose whether the larger...
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