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  1. Chelsea Tractor

    Delayed early adopter - 1st dibs on canceled Grenadier's ?

    Have seen posts of folks whose Grenadier has been delayed for other reasons than the trailer hitch. Would be helpful if those who are experiencing a delay from what was given to have 1st shot at the pool of Grenadier delivery orders that were canceled.
  2. Roach

    used grenadier in CarGurus

    No price
  3. Ko Ineos Grenadier

    Ask the Dealer - Ko Ineos Grenadier Massachusetts

    Greetings! I would like to formally introduce ourselves to this Ineos Grenadier forum community. Ko Ineos Grenadier is the Northeast / New England Ineos Grenadier Dealer and Service Center. We are located in Framingham Massachusetts, approximately 14 miles West of Boston. We are very excited...
  4. C

    Is Grenadier going to be in Mission Impossible?? Look out for the Quartermaster in background behind orange transit.
  5. sefch

    Building the dream Grenadier Overlander

    Hi all, I plan to build my next Dream-Overlander based on the Quartermaster - here are some mockups. ➡️ Anyone out there who has similar ideas or could contribute some inspiration for the build? 🤩 Always happy to share and learn.
  6. Tony H

    What to do, if you need a weekend break with your Grenadier.

    The Great Grenadier Charity Show Sunday 5th May 2024 Are you coming? Why not make your Bank Holiday Weekend a longer break, even if you are from Europe, or further afield. Have a few days exploring the wilds of Norfolk & Suffolk. The wonderful North Norfolk Coast. Explore King Charles 3rd...
  7. Mossy Ineos Grenadier TX

    Ask the dealer - Mossy Grenadier Texas

    Hello Everyone, I'm Ashton Mossy from Mossy Grenadier in Houston. Here to chat about the Grenadier – from updates and customer experiences to off-roading adventures. Our team is dedicated to keeping you informed with the most accurate information. If you have questions about your vehicle, how...
  8. Saschi

    Local Area Thread INEOS Grenadier Community Get-Together 02.12.2023 bei MB Offroad in Maselheim

    Liebe Grenadier Freunde! Ist jemand aus unserem Forumskreis bei dem INEOS Grenadier Community Get-Together am 02.12.2023 bei MB Offroad 88437 in Maselheim? Ich würde mich freuen, den einen oder anderen persönlich kennenzulernen! Allen ein schönes Wochenende! Sascha
  9. S

    First Day of Ownership

    We picked up our Grenadier Fieldmaster from Expedition HQ/SLRV, had a great first day and wanted to thank Ric for all is help in getting it delivered. Joined the forum to see if there was a solution to a problem I was experiencing, the remote central locking not working. Thanks to everyone on...
  10. JohnHeagney

    How many miles have other Grenadier drivers done?

    Hi, I have now just gone over the 10,000 miles point, having got the grenadier at the end of April - and I was out of action for a couple of weeks having had a new hip! The factual MPG is 17.4, the computer reading averages 18.0 MPG. Fuel cost calculates over the time at 39.2p per mile This...
  11. X

    Now abusing a 2015 toyota hilux, will the grenadier be next?

    Hi All, Currently I'm using my daily driver for quite tough offroading. A toyota hilux 2KD-FVT (144hp) manual. Bought new in 2015. Done 200k, recently did have some turbo issues, VNT position sensor had intermitted failures. In the diagnose process we decided to address everything we stumbled...
  12. KSM

    Local Area Thread My Grenadier is here !

    Salam/Marhaba/Greetings Finally my Fieldmaster Grenadier is here, received it last night, and I’m super excited for outings soon. * Will post pictures shortly. See you around “ toot “. Khamis
  13. YellowLab

    Where is your Grenadier?

    Off the coast of Baja with an ETA of the 11/20 - but I bet closer to end of month:
  14. Desertfox

    Air Filter for Grenadier, modifications.

    Hello Fellow Grenadiers, As an Off-roader for several years and fond of enhancing the performance of a vehicle by simple modifications, (successfully), I will be thankful if someone can share what type of air filter the Petrol engine grenadier has as standard (As I have not received my...
  15. Mohs 9

    Global Grenadier number

    What is this Global Grenadier number all about?
  16. Trialmaster

    Grenadier Picture Thread - please post a picture of yours!

    Lets see pictures of your IG. Beauty and the Beast!
  17. Jeremy996

    Petrol Ped on the Grenadier in Wales

    New video out from Petrol Ped, (Peter), who has a LR90 on long term loan. View:
  18. ealshamsi

    Local Area Thread Finally, my Grenadier is home.

    Hi Everyone, I have received my Grenadier last night: - Trailmaster. - Color: Donny Grey. I enjoyed driving it home; it was my first ever Grenadier drive. Eisa
  19. R

    Hello Grenadier Forum!

    Hello Forum! We're excited to be one of your SoCal dealers. The Rusnak group has been around 60 years, and there hasn't been this level of excitement for a new vehicle in a long time. We've already met a lot of our local pre-order clients, but if not, don't hesitate to reach out or stop by...
  20. Desertfox

    Hello from Dubai !

    Just joined this forum, expecting to receive my Grenadier next week. Will be looking to upgrade the exhaust system, wider fender flares and rear spoiler. As I am in the auto accessories trade, will be developing retracting side steps for this vehicle as a start.
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