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  1. H

    Grenadier to the rescue

    Hi all, New to the forum. Picked up my new Grenadier a few days ago and today first day out in the desert. Came across a stuck Landcruiser, Grenadier to the rescue. Very happy with the vehicle, super capable and gives a lot of confidence.
  2. I

    Americas Grenadier New England

    How has the dealer service been. Meaning issues with any vehicle problems or simply maintenance intervals?
  3. K

    Local Area Thread Ineos ist anscheinend bei Janka Sommerfest in Fulda Petersberg

    Moin, am 25.5 ist eigentlich auf Jäger ausgerichtet das Sommerfest des lokalen Jagdausrüsters Janka in Fulda / Petersberg. Auf der Liste der Aussteller ist auch Ineos / Grenadier wie hier im Link Sommerfest Janka wohl unter den Ausstellern.. Bis dahin bin ich wahrscheinlich aus Griechenland...
  4. I

    Americas Don't buy a Grenadier (Steering pump noise and HVAC issues)

    I've loved everything about the philosophy behind the Grenadier. 1,500 miles in and it's great off-road, looks great on road, and tows 6k pounds like a dream. I was willing to overlook the embarrassingly bad software that means button presses don't get recognized, it takes 30 seconds every...
  5. TheDocAUS

    Is the alleged Special Edition Grenadier 1924 real? Yes

    Press coverage on a new limited edition Grenadier 1924 celebrating Belstaff based on the Fieldmaster
  6. L

    Is the Grenadier expensive?

    It seems quite common for people to comment on the IG being expensive (or even premium!). In the UK, typically in the same price bracket as a specced up double cab Ranger, Amorak etc. Likewise a Volve XC90, X5, VW Transporter, Jeep Gladiator or Discovery. What are your thoughts?
  7. 2024 Ineos Grenadier 18” Steel Wheels (set of 4)

    For sale 2024 Ineos Grenadier 18” Steel Wheels (set of 4)

    18” Steel Wheels with lugs. OEM. Near new condition. Less than 3k miles on them. Tires not included. Local pick up or you pay for shipping.
    or best offer
  8. BQAC

    Hello from Simi Valley, CA New Grenadier owner

    Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I just purchased a Grenadier 2 weeks ago. Test drove my buddy's Grenadier about a month and a half ago and immediately cancelled my Cybertruck reservation! lol
  9. Grenadier Station Wagon For Sale (maybe) - South-East Queensland

    For sale Grenadier Station Wagon For Sale (maybe) - South-East Queensland

    Now before everyone gets all overexcited, I am just testing the waters here as it is not my only solution to the problem we find ourselves in. Basically my wife's position has us relocating back to Brisbane and we have altogether too many vehicles in the garage. So one has to go. We currently...
    or best offer
  10. bikesandguitars

    The Grenadier in Action @ Moab

    A short video of the Grenadier on a small climb. (Listen to that B58 growl! I found the gearing to be perfect. I could crawl up steep ledges with ease. I aired down to approx 22/24 psi and the Grenadier stuck like glue. I don’t think I’ve felt more control in any other vehicle. After the...
  11. Sven

    My front for the Grenadier

    Here is my version of the front side of the Grenadier , i'm a Defender lover it's sure !
  12. A

    New Grenadier Trialmaster Owner (Soon!) - Overlanding, Sand Dunes & Reliability (Saudi Arabia)

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and excited to be part of the Grenadier community! I'm in Saudi Arabia and very interested in buying a Grenadier. I've already spoken with a local dealer. My Grenadier Use Case: My main interest is using it for overlanding and recreational activities, which...
  13. A

    GRENADIER laser cut side steps

    Does anyone know who makes these side steps with "Grenadier" written in them. You can see them in this video from Lebanon View:
  14. Bluesurf

    Grenadier customization from UK's House of Urban.

    UK's House of Urban is working on some really cool custom lighting for the Grenadier. I purchased their double pipe side steps and now I'm waiting on the custom roof top lighting. Enjoy their latest video. View:
  15. B

    BlueHorseshoe loves Grenadier

    After a long wait, got my Fieldmaster yesterday. Couldnt be happier. Big shout out to my boy Sean aka ADVAW8S for bringing me on his journey and the great advice along the way.
  16. lightning

    Grenadier in the wild

    Today l saw my first Grenadier "in the wild" close up. Parked up in a car park. l had a good look around it and l have to say, l really liked what l saw. lt was a black one with black alloys and red chassis parts. While the red chassis isn't for me, the vehicle looked amazing. I liked it...
  17. M

    Grenadier Servicing Price Australia

    Hi, Had a search but couldn't find any other relevant posts/threads but if there are please point me towards them! Just got a quote for my 1Y/15,000KM service, $1300+ (couldn't provided a fixed amount)! For reference a 70 series Landcruiser (similar design/use) is $425 while a 300 series...
  18. anand

    Overland Expo West - May 17-19, 2024 - Grenadier Owners meet? Roll call!

    With the "season" officially kicking off in the coming weeks, who is planning on attending Overland Expo West? Dates: May 17-19, 2024 (Fri, Sat, Sun) Location: Ft. Tuthill County Park, Flagstaff, AZ If you're attending please reply to this thread with your specifics (one day? whole weekend...
  19. C


    Just had an emai from Ineos they are changing the station wagon so you can claim the VAT What have they changed?????
  20. A

    Long time Land Cruiser owner recently converted Grenadier owner

    Hello all, I’m Matt, a San Diego native who has had Land Cruisers for the past 17 years and just converted to being a Grenadier owner. I’m an avid off road enthusiast who really loves exploring the local deserts, and driving chase for a few friends who powered paraglide. I have a small YouTube...
  21. E

    Grenadier Summit 2024 (GER)

    Vom 5.-7. Juli trifft sich die Grenadier- und Offroad-Community in Welzow (Deutschland - Brandenburg) beim Grenadier Summit 2024. Hier gibts weitere Infos From July 5th to 7th, the Grenadier and off-road community will meet in Welzow (Germany - Brandenburg) at the...
  22. S

    New Grenadier headed to Nantucket MA

    Hi all this is Scott and I am very excited about my new truck. Just sold my FJ 44 Icon and am looking forward to some new adventures
  23. BenTN

    Creating a shift lever worthy of the Grenadier

    While I waited 2 years to receive my Grenadier, I noticed that every single review I saw mentioned how the BMW shift lever just doesn't look like it fits in the cockpit of this off-road vehicle. To me it looks like a potato. Or maybe a yam. Notable forum member @Tazzieman found a way to...
  24. DaBull


    SOUND SYSTEM EQUALIZER TUNING FOR THE GRENADIER I am no stereo or sound system expert other than knowing what I like to hear. I have found the existing Grenadier sound system including speakers to produce very nice sound/music, however it sounded a bit flat. I went to the equalizer settings...
  25. ADVAW8S

    Updated Ineos Grenadier Brochure

    Here is the updated USA Brochure that includes the Quartermaster. Fun fact: the QM is 1 inch shorter in height than the SW. At the same time 21 inches longer than the SW
  26. Gibby

    Grenadier Pub Gathering

    Hello Grenadier Community. My wife and I will be in London on FridayMay 10th for the purpose of having lunch at the Pub. We have a 3:30 reservation and were hoping that we could meet up with other Grenadier owners at that time. We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible and to share...
  27. karoja

    What tester are you using on your Grenadier?

    Hello, I have been having conflicting information on the tester to be used on the vehicle. On one side, a very trustworthy source has informed me that you need a tester provided by Ineos for electrical system and motor, and on the other side, a dealer informed me that any off-the rack tester...
  28. Mohs 9

    3rd party Videos Technik Talk mit Elmar: Reiseausbau im INEOS GRENADIER

    View: Especially for the German audience, some infos about tire size, speedometer adjustment, battery system and the door hinge.
  29. lightning

    Grenadier/Wrangler/Defender test in serious mud

    All three vehicles performed very well but l think the two LWB live axle vehicles had it over the Defender. l assume the Defender was on the optional Goodyear Wrangler tyres. What it does show, is that the transmission settings are what can make or break your off road progress in these modern...
  30. parb

    Nothing says brand alignment like Disco and Grenadier?

    Got this in the mail, I missed it when it came five days ago. Get ready for a high-altitude party, set amidst the stunning backdrop of the Swiss Alps. From 10-12 May 2024, we’re bringing music to the mountains, supporting Detour Disco in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. And you could be on the guest...
  31. unimogfrog

    Can someone show me where the OBD port is located on my North America Grenadier and is it easy to access?

    Can someone show me where the OBD port is located on my North America Grenadier and is it easy to access?
  32. crashnburn

    INEOS Grenadier Roadside Assistance in the USA and Canada - Agero

    From Ineos Automotive, you may have received this too. It’s official – we’ve partnered with industry leader, Agero, to launch INEOS Grenadier Roadside Assistance in the USA and Canada. Agero is a family business with over 50 years’ experience, and is proud to now support Grenadier owners like...
  33. S

    Help-Instrument Illumination Not Working- New Grenadier

    Hey everyone, I received my grenadier earlier today and it’s fantastic, other than the fact that none of the instrument panel lights work. It’s pitch black at night other than the touchscreen. The radio, AC, seat heater etc have no lights. They are set to 50% but are not lit and nothing...
  34. Trialmaster

    CARWOW - Jeep v Defender v Grenadier

  35. Solmanic

    Tyler Hoover has a Grenadier now?

    I was surprised to see Hoovie looking into the Grenadier as it isn't exactly his style of vehicle, but it will be interesting to see where he goes with this, assuming he goes through and purchases one. My guess is not as it he is probably just doing this for clicks and to get up Tesla's nose...
  36. MACS

    Local Area Thread Zwei neue Grenadier bei der BF Mühlheim
  37. rovie

    INEOS Grenadier x Detour Disco

    I have received an invitation from Ineos Grenadier for a party at lofty heights amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the Swiss Alps. From May 10 to 12, 2024, Ineos Grenadier will bring the music to the mountains and support the Detour Disco in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. I'm thinking about going...
  38. bbq4133

    First Big Off Road Trip Completed - Thoughts on the Grenadier

    This past weekend I went down to the mountains in Virginia for a good bit of off roading (technically a couple forest service roads and a dedicated OHV/4x4 trail). The first day was driving on a "road" (called, varyingly, Skidmore Fork or Dunkle Hollow Road) from Switzer Lake to Flagpole Knob...
  39. Zak Smith

    New Grenadier in Fort Collins, CO, USA

    Hello from Fort Collins, CO. Just picked this up last week. I got on the pre-order list last summer and then test-drove a demo unit at Red Noland (Colorado Springs) last fall. Christine and the crew at Red Noland were great. The vehicle is exactly how I ordered it. I won't go into...
  40. F

    Crashed Grenadier for sale in Austria

    Just found the crashed Grenadier from this event ( for sale...
  41. RobP

    Hoovies Garage is buying a Grenadier?

    I haven't watched this yet, but I follow him and enjoy his videos. Should be interesting! View:
  42. T

    Comprehensive list of all known Grenadier Side Steps

    Let's create a list. Here's what I've found so far *(edited to add those mentioned below): Factory Option Buzz Overland - two styles Dissent Off Road Summer Autoparts - retractable Urban Automotive - two styles Black Sheep Innovations - rock slider with optional steps Abenteuer Rock Slider...
  43. dreamalaska

    Ineos Grenadier Mexico

    Greg Clark, Vice President of Ineos Automotive of the Americas, mentioned on the “Car Stuff Podcast” Episode 214 April 8, 2024 that Ineos will be launching in Mexico sometime in the 4th Quarter 2024. Interview starts at the 21:40 mark
  44. elihir

    Local Area Thread hallo

    hallo zusammen wir sind seit drei Wochen glückliche Grenadier Besitzer . Wir sind zu zweit mit vier Border Terrier unterwegs . Haben noch zwei Islandpferde ,welche wir mit unserem Gespann manchmal umherfahren 😜
  45. RyanT

    Buzz Overland - Gutted Grenadier

    Hey Guys, We have a pretty exciting build brewing here at Buzz Overland. Can't spill the beans yet but figured there may be a few interested in what a gutted Grenadier interior looks like. If anyone wants anything specific just shout. Cheers Ryan
  46. SkiBum1

    Grenadier Photos for No Damn Reason

    Just a useless photo of my Fieldmaster in the rain at the golf course!
  47. Tony H

    The “FREE” Great Grenadier Charity Show Sunday 5th May 2024

    Like, Share, re-tweet & spread the news! The “FREE” Great Grenadier Charity Show Sunday 5th May 2024 Bank Holiday Sunday 5th May 2024 (10:00 till 16:00) set your SatNav to “Center Parcs Elveden Forest Thetford”. A11 turn LEFT on the B1106 picking up the signs to “The Great Grenadier Charity...
  48. ethree

    Grenadier in fiction...

    I recently published a dystopian fiction book called American Calamity. The main character owns a Grenadier. Reviews have been great...ebook is $2.99. Printed is $19.95.
  49. S

    Trial master in my garage!

    Hi everybody! So excited to be a Grenadier owner. Picked mine up in San Diego a week ago a. I haven’t had a chance to do anything off-road yet, but the drive up to Sonoma County from San Diego was amazing. The performance and on road manners were way better than I had ever expected...
  50. Trialmaster

    UK & Ireland UK Grenadier Sales Figures.

    I will add each month figures once the statistics are released. The figures are from the SMMT website and is for INEOS, which means Quartermasters will be part of the sales figures. Out of interest BYD sold more than Subaru - beware of the Chinaman! :) In January 2024 – 24 vehicles sold. In...
  51. Koenstravel

    Question on bringing 230V into the Grenadier

    Hello all, I am relative new to the forum and anticipating my delivery of my Grenadier... While prepping for my technical build out of the Grenadier 2 seater I am thinking about the following question: When out camping and you want to use the grid power 230 V from the campsite ( example CEE) for...
  52. MrMike

    Off roading in a loan Grenadier

    Seeing as my own Grenadier wasn't quite ready the local dealership lent me a demonstrator for a couple of weeks. They do go very well both on and off road. **Warning- incoming photo dump!**
  53. AnD3rew

    My Grenadier had a baby.

  54. M


    Greetings to everyone. Just took delivery of my ew Grenadier. I live in Arkansas so quite a ways from a dealer. Holding my breath in that but excited about the vehicle. Looking forward to participating in the forum.
  55. TanisIndependentTraders

    Americas Cheesehead Grenadier Owners

    Looking to link up with others in Wisconsin. I have yet to see another Grenny but surely there must be others. Any interesting is a FB group?
  56. OverlandGearGuy

    Overland gear guy - A New Storage Solution for your Grenadier

    Recently we launched the Headrest Storage Boss perfectly fits the Grenadier, but we have found it also fits Van's, Bronco's, Jeep's, Tacoma's, Tundra's... Check them out View: Works...
  57. Red pepper

    Australasia Ineos Grenadier recalled in Australia
  58. Actually-Roadmaster Inc

    Americas ROADMASTER Inc is actively seeking a Grenadier for Exact Center Fitment

    What is it? Exact Center is a steering stabilizer but it's different from anything else on the market today. Why is it unique? It's proactive. While other systems slowly ramp up forces to control steering, they do nothing if you are traveling straight down the road. As you turn, these...
  59. RobP

    Doug Demuro reviews the Grenadier

    I haven't watched it yet but was hoping he'd do a review! View:
  60. Mr. Largo WINCH

    Pare soleil pour écran Grenadier

    Bonsoir à tous Pare soleil pour écran Grenadier pour raids ensoleillés à venir.
  61. bikesandguitars

    Towing With The Grenadier

    Just a note to always keep a hitch extender handy when towing. I originally hooked up this trailer without an extender but the spare tire was only an inch or so from the tongue jack controller. I had to add the hitch extension and a few links of chain. I towed the camper - Airstream...
  62. ADVAW8S

    What i have learned about the Grenadier inventory.

    Since the latest update that has pushed my Grenadier back to a Oct, I have been scouring the dealer sites to see available options. Here are some of my random thoughts. *so many are base models that are random interiors. As if people had fever dreams when building out their options. For...
  63. Semien

    Europe New EU regulations for cars 2024. Grenadier will get technological update?

    Hello, I am planning to purchase Ineos Grenadier by end of this year. I would like to know if Ineos will be forced to technological update to comply with EU regulations for all cars sold past July 2024. It would mean more...
  64. L

    New grenadier owner in Texas.

    Have about 3000 mile son it now between the road and sand. Love it. Only a few frustrations with the speed limit detection warning. The programmed speed limits are not accurate.
  65. Texas Grenadier

    Texas Grenadier Owners Off Road Day March 23, 2024 - Bridgeport, Texas OHV Park

    Come out and get you Grenadier dirty!!! There are trails for ALL SKILLS LEVELS from Beginners to Expert. This is also a self guided and also a self insured event, but we will keep groups together. All persons entering the park must sign a waiver. Waivers are available at the park gatehouse...
  66. Shawnpalmer

    My Grenadier Eibach lift, 295 70 18’s, OEM wheels. Vision X light kit.

    My Grenadier lifted on Eibach springs, factory wheels on BFG KO2 295 70 18’s.
  67. W

    Grenadier VS G Wagon

    I booked a test drive with Dilawri INEOS Grenadier in Toronto. The sales manager, Jason Li, was super friendly and helpful. For those of you who are interested in test-driving a Grenadier in Eastern Canada, here is the contact information: Jason Li | General Sales Manager Dilawri INEOS Grenadier...
  68. Michael H.

    Build Thread Grenadier Michael's Utility Wagon Build 🙂

    My build is nearing completion, in preparation for my biggest trip to date, a 16 day adventure through outback NSW, SA and Queensland visiting Nyngan, Broken Hill, Tibooburra, Cameron Corner, Innamincka, Betoota, Birdsville, Mungerannie and Blinman. My Utility Wagon (2-seater) has been set up...
  69. angstorms

    It was interesting to see how much taller a Grenadier is then lifted Jeep Rubicon

    So as I pulled into Durango I stopped for lunch at Serious Texas Bar-B-Q and parked next to Jeep Rubicon. I like the Mickey Thompson Tires, but KO2 were great in the winter stuff I ran into today.
  70. Eyedogtor

    My Grenadier is in!

    Hey there folks, Just got the email last night from Ko Grenadier - my Vehicle GR089 has arrived! Coordinating local installation of extra and paperwork now. I'll keep the group updated!
  71. Ian Wright

    The Wright Event - INEOS Grenadier Off Road Training & Driving Experiences UK

    INEOS Grenadier Off Road Driving Experiences This driving experience lets you test this new-to-the-market off roader on acres of private land near West Malling in Kent. You can choose a private one-to-one drive, or join a shared group experience. What you can expect: This driving experience...
  72. Grenadier.Parts

    Grenadier.Parts - Rails, Bags, Glare shields.

    The Grenadier is our passion. We offer selected, high-quality and useful accessories for the Ineos Grenadier. Inexpensive problem solvers and also extensive extensions for individualisation are in the range, which is constantly being expanded... Grenadier...
  73. Stu_Barnes


    INEOS AUTOMOTIVE LAUNCHES GRENADIER QUARTERMASTER CHASSIS CAB Five-seat double cab chassis variant uses the same extended frame as the Grenadier Quartermaster pick-up and is targeted at specialist conversion companies and commercial body builders. Exposed ladder frame rear of the cabin...
  74. N

    ReulParts smart + custom Belgium appear to be developing some products for the Grenadier

    This company may be known by the European members of the group but while searching for information for a totally unrelated Iveco 4x4 I had this company from Belgium, ReulParts smart + Custom page suggested. It looks like they have rock sliders, a winch bar and a concealed winch support in...
  75. SkiBum1

    Americas First Weekend With The Grenadier

    This was my first full weekend with my new Grenadier. It is a Donny Grey Fieldmaster with the rough pack, dual auxiliary batteries and just about everything else. My verdict? We love it! My wife loves it, the daughter loves it and most of all, I do as well. It is easy to steer, easier to...
  76. GrenX

    GrenX Ineos Grenadier 68L Auxiliary Fuel Sub Tank Brown Davis

    Sharing an update on development of the auxiliary fuel tank for the Ineos Grenadier. Here is the 2nd iteration prototype being test fitted before the final design is set. 68L GrenX
  77. SkiBum1

    Americas Just picked up my grenadier in Chicago!

    I finally picked up my Grenadier in Chicago at Knauz! It is Donny Grey, Fieldmaster, rough pack, auxiliary batteries, camp table, carpets w carpet mats, KO tires, black leather, privacy glass, ladder, interior utility rail, external utility belt, rock sliders, differential locks…I also had...
  78. desertdefender

    Hello from Alpine, Utah

    Hi, I'm Chris from Utah, USA. I picked my new Grenadier up yesterday at Warner Ineos in West Valley City. I have a tradition of celebrating a new vehicle with tacos, so I hit up one of my favorites, Mi Casa Tortilleria, which is just down the road from the dealership. Carne asada and a...
  79. Texas Grenadier

    Texas Grenadier Owners Off Road Day March 23, 2024 - Bridgeport, Texas OHV Park

    Come out and get you Grenadier dirty!!! There are trails for ALL SKILLS LEVELS from Beginners to Expert. This is also a self guided and also a self insured event, but we will keep groups together. All persons entering the park must sign a waiver. Waivers are available at the park gatehouse...
  80. I

    Grenadier Damaged at Port

    My car arrived to GA port on December 18, 2023. Today, 3/8/24 just found out from dealer it has roof & door damage in transport. So upset! So long to find this out after waiting all this time. Options were to take car damaged (no way), pick one in lot which does not have all my options or order...
  81. stickshifter

    Grenadier wins the Alcan 5000

    A Grenadier won the SUV division of the Alcan 5000 (EDIT: sorry - looks like there is a similar thread going) On Expedition Portal: On the official Ineos website...
  82. NoMoTaco

    "GRENADIER" Logo and Lambda Inlays

    After seeing the Vinyl Inlays that OverlandGearGuy had on his IG, I reached out to him for more info and he referred me to a gentleman by the name of Ben on Etsy who is making these. Ben did not have an all black option on his order page, so I messaged him and he got right back to me stating he...
  83. Krabby

    INEOS and Grenadier logos Vector & AI

    I tracked down and setup the INEOS and Grenadier logos as a vector file. It is an .SVG file and will open in Adobe Illustrator or any vector-capable software.
  84. SkiBum1

    Finally inspected my Grenadier

    I have been back and forth on accepting my Grenadier. My vehicle has been at the dealer since December waiting for accessories. I told the dealer, I can live without the roof rack, led light bar, ski rack and other roof accessories. However I need the rock sliders and other accessories that...
  85. AWo

    Ineos Grenadier burned down in Germany - Technical defect

    I just came by that news. In Wapelfeld, Germany the IG of a lady caught fire and burned down on 03-01-2024. She was able to leave the car and get away safe. The police said it was a technical defect...

    Hello from Keith (Near Edinburgh)

    Took delivery of my Grenadier May last year after a 2 year wait. 8000 miles later still loving it
  87. J

    insurance france

    Hi all. I'm new and hoping to pick up my Grenadier on Saturday. Can anyone point me to the best on road insurer?
  88. holdmybeer

    Crawling soon, to a mall near you...

  89. T

    Local Area Thread Teilzeitdifferentialsperre beim Grenadier,

    Hallo, wir fahren nun seit Mai 2023 und rd. 25000 km unseren Grenadier, in weiten Bereichen ein tolles Auto ABER: Eine mich sehr störende Sache hatte ich in den ersten 2 Wochen und knapp 5000 km mit viel Off Road durch Rumänien festgestellt. Da ich trotz etlicher Anfragen leider keine...
  90. RickTok

    Americas Grenadier owner near Vancouver, Washington State needed for steering stabilizer R&D measure.

    Roadmaster is looking for someone with a Grenadier in Washington State to develop a return to center steering stabilizer. Reach out to: Abraham Servellon Exact Center Production Manager ROADMASTER Inc. 6110 NE 127th Ave. Vancouver, WA 98682 +1 (800) 669-9690...
  91. Offroad

    Americas TFL Offroad Review of the Grenadier

    Good review of the Grenadier by TFL Offroad. View:
  92. Franky0407

    New Grenadier owner - Unterallgäu (south of Germany)

    Today I would like to send you a friendly hello from Unterallgäu. So far I've been a quiet reader, but on Friday I was able to pick up my Ineos. It has become a black utility wagon (model 2023), with 5 seats, rough and smooth pack and the integrated winch. I've now driven the first 500 km and...
  93. Shaheens

    UAE A good grenadier workshop in Dubai?

    I want to fix ARB air compressor inside the car, any good workshop in Dubai can do it for me?
  94. Marine bushman

    Build Thread Building My African Overlander

    So the Big Day eventually Arrived and I took delivery of my Trail Master in Scottish White Now it was time to start my build and long list of changes that I have been planning for Months and months reading this Forum and any other that I could. First Step was to Upgrade the sound system. i...
  95. T

    New Grenadier owner in Colorado

    We are new owners and just spent a week in Canyonlands, Utah, USA in our new truck. The truck handled well and was comfortable. However, the software, alerts, bings, clicks, and alarms have us deciding whether to call her Needy Nancy, or Bossy Bessy.🤣
  96. Stu_Barnes

    Ineos Fusilier
  97. Loc Nar

    Grenadier Fails

    Most of us here have an affinity for the Grenadier, but also have a keen sense of humor regarding shortcomings, whether vehicle or driver induced. such as a broken drive shaft, completely torched vehicle on a beach, or just backing the darn vehicle into something. I'd like to kick off this...
  98. Jeremy996

    3rd party Videos Canny Outdoors - "Five reasons I am unhappy with Ineos. Why was my Grenadier towed away?

    Newish video from John Canny, voicing moans a number of us will identify with. His previous videos are worth a watch, including a van rollover and some recovery with a non-functioning winch and lockers. View:
  99. Greasemonkey

    Expierences with the Grenadier

    His You Tube Videos and the expierences he made with his Greandier are quite interesting. Especially the last one. View:
  100. T

    Grenadier Ordered in Texas

    Just ordered a Grenadier to replace my Defender. Hoping another option comes in before mine gets shipped in 8 months, so checking on certain items. Hoping to get a good sense of how much you like your new Grenadier. Thanks, T
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