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  1. emax

    The "Locus Maps" Thread

    I've been a GPS and navigation lunatic ever since I got my first GPS device, the Garmin GPS-II Plus. Since then I've probably had a dozen GPS devices (rather more, I believe) and still have some of them. Especially the GPSMAP 278, which was and is an outstanding device with excellent hardware...
  2. Mr. Largo WINCH

    Support Tablette GPS

    Bonjour à tous. Réalisation d'un support pour une tablette 10 pouces à fixer sur la barre de maintien passager du Grenadier. La présence de l'airbag oblige à positionner les équipements complémentaires de navigation sous le tableau de bord et non au dessus (comme sur un DEFENDER par exemple)...
  3. nickelnoff

    Onboard GPS / Pathfinder

    The seems to be one reference in the user manual to onboard GPS briefly mentioned with the eCall (Emergency Call) system. This to me looks like as though there might be a full reliance on bringing your own. If I am not mistaken the touted approach to navigation in urban / sub-urban is reliance...
  4. emax

    Mobile phone as GPS tracker

    Has anyone ever thought of using a discarded cell phone as a GPS tracker or theft detector? It has everything built in: A GPS chip, a battery, a low-power design for longer battery life, and a sim card with GSM access. And there seem to be some apps for this purpose. Does anyone have any...
  5. S

    GPS Tracker - Erfahrungen ?

    Ich denke das der Greni in den ersten 3 Jahren auf jeden Fall gerne geklaut wird, und möchte mir deshalb einen GPS Tracker einbauen. Dazu folgende Frage : Hat hier jemand Erfahrung mit den Geräten und kann ein bestimmtes Gerät empfehlen ?
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