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  1. holdmybeer

    INEOS Corporate/Dealer Event Vancouver BC: Trucks & Trees (Weissach INEOS)

    The local dealer has started to run this regular event for owners...
  2. O

    INEOS Corporate/Dealer Event Dinner Plain Polo

    Just saw this on the Aussie owners group on Facebook. Tempted to make the trip down across the border to Mexico (Victoria for those who don't know our cross-border in-jokes) from Sydney even though I don't have my G yet. This is the link from the post for anyone who's keen...
  3. Bruce

    Elliott Bay events

    Did any of you make it out to Tahuya last month? I work about every other weekend so I missed it. Will also miss March. Mike told me they may space them out more to make them feel more special. Looked fun based on the video they posted.
  4. O

    Sydney 4WD Show

    Anyone know if INEOS will be at the Sydney 4WD show this weekend? Haven't seen anything on their social media.
  5. O

    Sydney 4x4 Show

    Got this last night from INEOS. Looks like they’ll be at the Sydney 4x4 Show next week. Discounted tickets to the show on offer too with the discount code
  6. DaBull

    Q&A Americas Will USA and Canada have any On-Road Driving Events in the near future?

    Hi Ineos,, I had the opportunity to test drive the Grenadier Off-Road at the Santa Clarita/Los Angeles Event and was incredibly impressed. It would be great if you could follow back up with some On-Road Driving events in next couple months, especially since the Grenadiers will be On-Road 95% of...
  7. Stu_Barnes

    Q&A Americas Will there be any IA sponsored events similar to ford with the raptor and bronco experiences?

    Will there be any IA sponsored events similar to ford with the raptor and bronco experiences?
  8. REOhio

    Additional North American Driving Events Planned?

    During our visit to the Tampa, Florida driving event we were told IG were planning to "circle back" through each of the cities they were visiting for a second round of programs. These were to feature later prototypes or pre-production models. They events were to take place sometime within the 4...
  9. SirJimR

    Dinner Plain Polo (Australia)

    Got this email overnight about an event in Victoria, Australia. Sounds like a unique event with a bit of history behind it. Event Link: CLICK HERE
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