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  1. Offroad

    DIY Garage Day - Checker Plate, Picnic Table, Wheel Swap.

    Getting back to my Bronco and Defender roots by doing a few small projects on my Grenadier (Checker Plate, 18" Wheel Swap), and a friend's Grenadier (Checker Plate + Table) and my 17" Wheels / Tires are on their way to Memphis in the Green Grenadier. The Blue and Green ones are stunning with...
  2. emax

    Parking heater, concepts

    I started this thread originally in the German forum but have now found that it should be in the core forum. The german postings below written so far can be translated with Google or deepl. ... I've been thinking about a parking heater for a while now. Actually I just wanted an interior air...
  3. inky_black

    Our Self-Made Drawer System and Its Amazing Potential

    Developed Together: In the world of vehicle customizations and DIY projects, there is an endless variety of ideas and solutions to make the most of your car. Today, we would like to introduce you to one of these ideas, the result of a creative collaboration between three dedicated minds: @Jaro...
  4. minidok

    Offroad Trailer

    I just stumbled over an Offroad Trailer and liked the idea quite well. Prices for a ready to use unit rise from $$12000 What would be an important requirement to you, if you want to much such a trailer upon your new Grenadier? Which plattform to start from if you would build one DIY? Sources...
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