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  1. M

    Europe Main display problem

    Since I have my Grenadier utility wagon (late December 2023), twice already my display went completely black, out! Stopping shutting down and restart wasn't enough. It looks like I had to get out lock it and go back in to restart before the display would function again. Anyone had the same...
  2. ECrider

    Screen on display in 'Off-Road' mode

    Can anyone who has the latest software update (****1946) confirm whether they have showing the small display showing wheel torque, diff locks, rpm etc. Hopefully I've explained this sufficiently you know what I'm talking about. Will try and take a picture on Saturday when using it off-road to...
  3. Luc Cornelissen

    Warning light display

    Is there any possibility to dim the warning light display?
  4. I

    Trip computer display

    Sorry if this has already been discussed. Does anyone know if the screen which shows remaining fuel range (which can be changed by pressing the button on the end of the indicator stalk) can be set so it does not default back to remaining range after a few seconds? I have tried various...
  5. alvan

    Small infotainment question. Icon on display audio

    Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the little icon with notes in the USB-A audio screen with images? I tried, as was possible in my Alpine, to load the pen drive in the relative albums of the .jpg but they are not read. Advice? Or do you not think it's possible at all?
  6. nickelnoff

    Info1 Display Area

    Where is the Info1 Display area located on the main display? I am trying to configure the display using the “Configure Info Areas” menu and there are three info areas: Info1, Info3 and Info4 - not sure what the story is with Info2. Info 3 and Info4 appear to be at the top of the display...
  7. emax

    Let it bong.

    This afternoon I went to see my agent to finally pick up my car title, which was still there. We had a lengthy conversation about this and that and some problems with the cars, you all know the glitches. Water, bongs, quality issues, etc. None of these are show stoppers, but of course annoying...
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