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  1. A

    Alu-Cab Load Bar Feet and Crossbars

    Just noticed that Alu-Cab has released their roof cross bar option - Similar mounting as the BlackSheep roof rack. Not sure how it’s supported other than the few pics on their website. Pricing in the US is $229.00 for a set of 4...
  2. Loc Nar

    Q&A Americas Are additional crossbars available individually?

    Here's a question: How can one order more than two cross bars and what is the pricing for same? One would assume they are $225 apiece since a pair is listed on the Configurator as $550, but there's no way to select additional cross bars in the Configurator. I plan to add a roof top tent and...
  3. revanthmatha

    How are the crossbars mounted?

    I'd like to option the crossbars with led lights or just crossbars alone. The problem is that on the website it shows they block the safari windows. I was wondering if they have fixed mounting points or can be moved back so as not to impede the safari windows.
  4. Deepblue

    Hard shell rooftop tent

    Hi all, interested in your experience with rooftop tents (RTT as I learned). I have an older Maggiolina hard shell rooftop tent. Used that in the past on my VW bus and like the concept of a hard shell design that opens parallel. My tent has entries on both sides but not at the rear. And you...
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