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  1. W

    Pre-order page updated - Canada

    Finally see some movement
  2. holdmybeer

    Local Area Thread Vancouver dealer speculation

    Order placed. The pre-order delivery location step suggests the yet-to-be-announced Vancouver dealer has a postal code of V6J 1H7. So ... assuming Ineos is actually sharing the dealer's postal code, and the dealer is, as of 2023-Jun-29, a registered motor dealer in BC, then we currently have...
  3. ADVAW8S

    Truck King out of Canada Eh

    Here is a review from Truck King. Lot more technical that the TFL version. View:
  4. T

    Greeting from Canada! Just got my invite to spec my IG order, but having some thoughts. I'm looking forward to feedback from others.

    I am now driving my third LR3/4. I recently replaced my 2012 LR4 with a 2015 LR4. This is an interim purchase as I try to make a decision for the"next gen" of capable 4x4. I have looked at the new LR Defender, and the full electric Rivian R1S. We own a 4 season cottage in Quebec - and we get...
  5. H

    Canada Dealer Prospects

    Do we have any guesses which existing companies will be partnering with IA as dealers in the cities they’ve indicated? Curious to speculate on what shops in say Vancouver would be considered up to snuff.
  6. PAV

    New member from Canada

    Hello from Eastern Ontario, Canada. Have been following the Ineos Grenadier development for the past year and am eagerly awaiting its (official) arrival in North American showrooms later this year! -Pav
  7. holdmybeer

    Canada: our new luxury vehicle tax impact on the Grenadier

    Just some math on the new luxury vehicle tax we have coming to Canada. (Not happy about this, just sharing...) I reckon the impact on the Grenadier will be $2K or less. I'll share my assumptions and see if others agree. Vehicle must be over $100K. Vehicle must weigh under 3,856 kg. The luxury...
  8. H

    Snow Driving

    Curious for those of us that live in aggressive winter climates what the winter tire selection would be. I’m thinking the A/T’s will be my summer tires and then studded Hakkapeliitta for winter driving. Debating getting a second set of rims to make the changeover easier as well. Is anyone...
  9. H

    Canadian Confidence

    Curious what peoples thoughts/confidence levels are on the likelihood of an IG rollout actually happening in Canada. I’ve been waiting for months (not nearly as long as some!) and have a healthy amount of worry that Canada will loose out to being in the shadow of the US and the rollout in...
  10. H

    Hello From Bc Canada

    Hello from the Kootenays in BC Canada. As a current (and recent) reservation holder I am hoping someone can help me with finding info on the next prototype/in person tour through British Columbia. Super motivated to see one of these in person and help make my reservation feel real. Thanks!
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