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  1. Shawnpalmer

    Wired my grill lights to Aux 1 switch

    Took some time tonight to rewire my grill lights to the overhead Aux 1 switch. The lights work perfectly, no error codes. I used the wire running to the engine bay for power and ground. It should come this way from the factory. They are actually pretty bright when running them with the low...
  2. j3t3r

    Aux Power not going to vehicle outlets when ignition is off.

    I'm having an issue where none of the vehicle electrical outputs are getting power unless the ignition is turned on. This affects the 120v in rear passenger and rear storage compartment, and all the usb, usb-c etc. I known the the PWR Switch must be switched 'On' in the overhead control panel...
  3. shiv.nandak

    Aux lights with a black housing?

    I remember a few years back, there were promotional pictures/videos where the prototypes had the aux lights blacked out. I always loved that look, so I was wondering if there were aftermarket lights that have black housings?
  4. Roach

    Americas Recall: Wiring issue, Aux switch

    FYI Ineos Automotive Americas, LLC (Ineos) is recalling certain 2024 Grenadier vehicles equipped with the auxiliary switch package relay. The relay control wire may have been trapped under the relay power cable connection fastener...
  5. nuclearbeef

    Aux lights only available in offroad mode?

    Searched and could not find an answer. The aux lights (lights in grille) only come on in offroad mode on US spec vehicles. Is there a hack to allow their operation in normal (non-offroad) mode? I heard rumors there was some wire jumping to allow this? I am aware they only operate with...
  6. Woody89

    Aux power points

    Hi can anyone shed some light on where the aux power points are on a utility wagon. I under stand that there is 1 in each footwell and one in the back somewhere Cheers
  7. H

    How can i connect the aux battery?(dual battery i need the wirring diagram)

    I need to know how i connect the ctek to the wires in the box under the seat. Any one has the diagram or know how?
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