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  1. APB Trading

    Exciting Partnership Announcement: APB Trading Ltd Teams Up with Tougher Seat Covers for the UK!

    Hello Grenadier Enthusiasts, I'm excited to bring you some fantastic news that will definitely interest our community! APB Trading Ltd, a trusted name in the automotive parts and accessories world, has formed a strategic partnership with Tougher Seat Covers, known for their rugged and durable...
  2. G

    Eezi-Awn 3/4 length Roof Racks.

    I’ve been informed a fresh delivery of 3/4 length Eezi Awn roof racks has arrived at APB of Kidderminster. I’m heading up to have my “Special Order” roof rack fitted this coming Friday. It’ll be 100mm shorter than their standard 3/4 length offering. Some members have criticised Eezi Awn’s...
  3. G

    Eezi Awn roof racks.

    I’ve just been sent some pics of APB’s (Kidderminster) recently stocked Eezi Awn full length roof rack for the Grenadier. Having already had a good look at them whilst having my Big Country drawer system fitted, they really are a cut above the current affordable competition (no offence to...
  4. G

    Big Country drawers from South Africa (APB)

    Hi all. I drove up from Bath to Kidderminster to APB Headquarters to check out their recently arrived set of drawers for the Grenadier. This set is the first of an initial batch of five. They’re made by Big Country, a South African outfit, apparently with many years experience in producing...
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