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  1. gtank

    Fieldmaster 18” Alloys ‘Beadlock’

    Hi All, On US Fieldmasters we are stuck with the 18” wheel, unfortunately. I’m a fan of keeping stock wheels, but I want to remove some bling from the truck when I take delivery hopefully this quarter. I’d like to either powdercoat the entire set satin black or possibly just powdercoat the...
  2. Texas Grenadier

    Selling my 18” Alloys with BFG K02’s

    I have upgraded my wheels and tires to 17” wheels and tires and these are for sale. Asking $1800 + shipping US only. Thanks
  3. Chadd7

    USA Fieldmaster configuration with 17" alloys?

    Just been playing around with the configuration. I noticed that if I start with the base model and put all the options a la carte to equip like the Fieldmaster, it costs about $1000 more when compared to the Fieldmaster configuration. I'd like the Fieldmaster edition with 17" alloys, so I can...
  4. Flewks

    17” Alloys

    Has anyone seen a Grenadier ‘in the flesh’ with the 17” alloys option? Has anyone who has chosen the 17” alloys had notification of their vehicle going into production?
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