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  1. gtank

    Fieldmaster 18” Alloys ‘Beadlock’

    Hi All, On US Fieldmasters we are stuck with the 18” wheel, unfortunately. I’m a fan of keeping stock wheels, but I want to remove some bling from the truck when I take delivery hopefully this quarter. I’d like to either powdercoat the entire set satin black or possibly just powdercoat the...
  2. Texas Grenadier

    Americas Selling my 18” Alloys with BFG K02’s

    I have upgraded my wheels and tires to 17” wheels and tires and these are for sale. Asking $1800 + shipping US only. Thanks
  3. Chadd7

    USA Fieldmaster configuration with 17" alloys?

    Just been playing around with the configuration. I noticed that if I start with the base model and put all the options a la carte to equip like the Fieldmaster, it costs about $1000 more when compared to the Fieldmaster configuration. I'd like the Fieldmaster edition with 17" alloys, so I can...
  4. Flewks

    17” Alloys

    Has anyone seen a Grenadier ‘in the flesh’ with the 17” alloys option? Has anyone who has chosen the 17” alloys had notification of their vehicle going into production?
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