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  1. parb

    Can't figure out how to activate passenger airbag

    Hi all, I have the light "passenger airbag off" persistently on. It's to the point that I find it annoying to drive the car at night with the light on. It always looks like this: I've seen several threads where they say that park the car and with the engine running and parking brake active...
  2. huxgo

    Battery died in 2 days under strange circumstances - engine and airbag lights on

    Hello dear friends! This is the first problem I have with the car and therefore also my first post on this forum. I own the diesel trialmaster with an auxiliary battery. So three days ago I went for a drive to my local car wash. After starting the car I noticed I was not able to connect my...
  3. minidok

    Airbag failure

    After disconnecting and reconnecting the central power unit, tpms, diffs and airbag were signalling failures. Everything but the red airbag error cleared out after short drive. Does the airbag controll unit somehow react on edges in voltage changes? So far I did not find a way, how to reset...
  4. Stu_Barnes

    Engine light, airbag light, adblue error, transmission error, help please I'm in Indonesia.

    I've just had an email from a forum member in Indonesia, @GL Cars "Hi Im far in indonesia and seems my car has a problem the engine light airbag light adblue error transmission error I stay in jakarta and driving the grenadier diesel Do you have anybody in jakarta indonesia who can...
  5. Carl

    TPMS and Airbag malfunction

    Hi everyone, I picked up my Trailmaster yesterday… what a great car… !! However, after 30km’s the TPMS malfunction light came on and this morning the Airbag malfunction came on as well… Not sure if anyone can help, but here are my questions: 1. Has anyone else had a similar experience? 2. Can...
  6. E

    Passenger airbag

    Hi All, Has anyone successfully turned passenger air bag off? In the manual it says to do it through the infotainment but can’t find it. Thank you,
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