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  1. AngusMacG

    Northern Maine Overland Adventure July 10-14 2024

    This was posted in one of the FB groups. Embark on the ultimate Overland Adventure with “Planes, Trains, and Overland Adventure,” led by the exclusive overland guide service, Ridgeback Guide Service. From Wednesday, July 10th, 2024, at 4 pm, to Sunday, July 14th, 2024, at 10 am, this...
  2. Ineos.Overland

    Adventure Van Expo - San Juan Capistrano CA. 5/4 - 5/5

    If anyone is going to be in Southern California this weekend, there's an event called Adventure Van Expo. My Grenadier will be on display with the local INEOS dealership. There will be some other Grenadiers there too. Hope to see some of you guys there!
  3. ChasingOurTrunks

    Good Adventure TV

    Hi folks, I was just chatting in another thread about Jeremy Clarkson and his motoring TV, and thought it might be neat to spin up a thread where folks can share their favorite Adventure Entertainment options. We can't all be out exploring all the time, and it's sometimes nice to live...
  4. Loc Nar

    Adventure Trail Gear

    I've never been so excited about a trash bag! You've all probably heard of the Trasharoo. Well, this is like that, but better I think. Check it out: Adventure Trail Gear is made by Nick Scott, a very cool artisan up in Canada. I saw version 1 of his Spare Tire Bag just as he was rolling...
  5. Matt P

    5 Year Trip in a Grenadier Across the World towing a Patriot X3 Which We Live In.

    Hi all! Hope you all had a good Christmas! I just thought I'd drop a line here about something that may be of interest. We’re doing a 5 year trip in a Grenadier across the world towing a Patriot X3 which we live in. We set off from the Grenadier pub in London in mid-July with our two young kids...
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