Share your Adventures!


Founding Guard
Hi folks,

From a chat I just had with @stickshifter in another thread, it occurred to me that a lot of folks interested in the Grenadier are Overlanders or Adventure-types. I thought a thread to share your stories of adventure would be fun as I love reading about the exploits of others.

My wife and I have a bit of a nascent video-making hobby (it's a great way to capture our journeys). To be clear, we're not trying to be YouTube stars - we make these for ourselves with the intention of one day showing them to our kids if we have them. We've been blessed with one, but he's not yet 2, so he prefers "Penguin Town" over mom and dad's adventures! But, here are our videos all the same -- feel free to post up your own adventure stories too, I'd love to hear and read about them!

In 2019, our annual trip was a "Dice Roll Challenge" -- we assigned directions to each face of the dice, and rolled it every morning. Wherever it said we should go is where we went and we had a ton of fun

In 2017-ish, I did a solo bike trip to Oregon:

In 2015, we took off to Alaska:

In 2014, we did a short adventure through the Icefields Parkway here in Alberta:

And in 2013, we did a trip to the Northwest Territories on a long weekend (Lots of miles in little time!)

And we loved our jeep - so, so much. It's a huge regret that we had to sell it when we did, even though we love our truck too and the truck is a far better rig in almost every single way! But, I was moved to make a tribute video to my dear Ruby:

We've done a ton of other trips too -- across Canada a few times to Ontario (not done the East Coast yet) as well as most of the Pacific NW, but we don't always video them. Only when we feel like it! Still I hope you enjoy the above, and I look forward to seeing your own adventures as we await the ultimate adventure vehicle to land in our driveways!



Unbelievable .... great cinematography..... I totally understand the attachment to vehicles. We just sold our Airstream.a.k.a. (Eloise).. we talked about it for months, I came home and found my wife crying.... I said what's wrong... she said... you Sold Our Airstream!!  Needless to say we just purchased a new to us Airstream.... so here we go. This one is not too big for a Grenadier to pull.... believe me  I had that in mind when I was looking.  love seeing your dogs.  They add so much to adventures.  Keep traveling and adventuring, we had our oldest son camping when he was 5 days old and haven't stopped yet. .... its a beautiful world we live in... more folks need to get out there and enjoy... makes for great families. Thank You for sharing....