Living in Western Australia and in the market for a touring vehicle for extended trips during my retirement years.Presently am driving a Discovery4 after coming up the ranks through Series II and IIA,TD5 Defender,Discovery1&2,Jeep CJ5 and Landcruisers.

Last week,had the opportunity of a dynamic drive at the Lake Brockman demo.Very impressed with the build quality of a prototype vehicle.Trip was very tame over some washouts and a couple of puddles......just enough to discourage too close inspection of the underneath.Ride comfort was good as was traction ,check out video on Ineos facebook page.This was in the 2B prototype so no axle diff locks some parts 3D printed and some electrics not connected.Not able to look under the bonnet....hope there is room at the rear of motor to service vanos solenoids.........not like the contortionist D4 3.0 fuel pump belt!Would like  to have a flat floor to enable sleeping in the back.....may be  build in a raised section to also clear the fridge?
At this stage will be holding off until able to drive or at least view  a production vehicle.


Grenadier Ordered
> Series II and IIA,TD5 Defender,Discovery1&2,Jeep CJ5 and Landcruisers

WOW, that's the who's who of offroading.  ?