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3:36 PM
May 21, 2022
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Just received this from Sandicliffe Motors.Ineos continue to work on staging some events in late July/August at several locations in the UK. The exact dates and times are yet to be revealed. Their plan is to have the latest pre-production cars available to allow you to touch and feel with the hope, (subject to insurance certification) you will be able to take a short drive in the Grenadier. I know this is something a lot of our customers have asked for so fingers crossed.   Ineos will also be at The Game Fair at Ragley Hall, Warwickshire, taking place 29th-31st July. You can find more details here. This should be a great event with several cars on display and with celebrity chef James Martin hosting and the Grenadier’s Chief designer Toby Ecuyer presenting in the Game Fair theatre.   If you are considering funding your purchase then more good news. Ineos have teamed up with Santander UK to provide Ineos Automotive Finance. There will be several options of funding, Conditional Sale, Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) an Personal Contract Hire (PCH). Ineos Automotive Finance are finishing  the options for you before they launch the full functionality for you to browse, obtain quotations and even apply for funding, all on-line. We are told this will be available in August. This should give you sufficient time to review your options prior to any deliveries commencing. We can of course offer you valuations on any vehicles you may wish to part exchange, just drop me a note and one of our experienced team will call you to discuss.   It is only fair that I offer you an apology where applicable. The global demand for the Grenadier has outstripped all but the most optimistic of projections. Whilst this is great news, to know you are buying into a fantastic brand, the success has brought with it problems. Both Ineos and Sandicliffe are only too aware the responses from the Ineos central Customer Contact Centre have been neither timely or particularly helpful at times. As always, and in the hope of mitigating some frustrations, I am here to help.   
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