Hi From Surf Coast Victoria Australia

I am looking forward to seeing the new Grenadier,  I have ordered a Wagon, but I am looking at the utility with great interest to see if it will work well with a specialist back on it with out the tub.  I hope they will offer it without the tub, with just the chassis rails at the back! 
I will use the wagon for some touring depending on how much the better half enjoys traveling in it.   Still in two minds about the sun roof/s.  I think they might behave like toasters on my balding head in the Aussie sun.  Don't really want to have to wear a sun hat in and out of the vehicle.   Be great if they designed a sun blind for it.


Grenadier Ordered
Welcome Rodge.

Good to see another Victorian on board.

I am Exactly the same with the sunroof (bald spot). However, if you are thinking of perhaps selling the IG, and moving over to a Dual Cab version, then I would buy the sunroof, as it will make resale more appealing.