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Hi from another Melbourne hopeful

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4:43 PM
Aug 5, 2022
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Awaiting information on contract deposit Oct 1 2021 reserved May 18 build date October 🤞
Like everybody not happy with lack of information - need a customer update person
been burnt before - 4 yrs on G wagen 350 wait list only to be told won’t be sold and dropped of 400D waitlist - not sorry annoyed
Really hanging out for this - like the story, the looks, predicted engineering - hoping it will be last car and will take me to my funeral Even went to Grenadier pub for photo under Grenadier guard 💂‍♀️ 😂painting
expect it to be daily drive 40k per yr
Inky black station wagon - like trialmaster but no snorkel, external utility strip but leather seats
Liking the forum at least keeps me engaged
Has even one for sale Grenadier come off the production line
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