Hey from Elizabeth, CO

As with most of you, I'm pretty excited about this offroad platform and its potential. Its also nice to see so many comments from people in countries shortly taking delivery of the vehicle. I look forward to reading your feedback.

I currently drive an extended cab Taco - TRD Offroad, and have been watching over the last few years to make the transition to a solid axle platform. The Grenadier checks so many of my blocks, its refreshing. I was setting myself up for a JL purchase when I happened across the early articles about the Granadier. This will likely be a better fit - holding out for hope.

I haven't actively offroaded for a few years, I've got some good experience in the XJ and dangled a few H1 wheels, but I still have a lot to learn.

I look forward to interacting with you like minded few.
Welcome fellow SE Denver Metro person! Likewise excited about the potential of the Grenadier. We should round up some other local-owners once we have these trucks in hand and do some sightseeing up in the hills. ?
Great to hear. From you're profile it looks like you've been getting out and about in the area. What are some of your favorite trails/areas? (I don't expect you to give up your fishing holes...)