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Hello from the Motor City!

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5:09 PM
May 19, 2022
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I am about an hour north of Detroit out in the woods. Having grown up in Strasbourg, France I have always bled green and had a Euro vehicle of some kind. Range Rovers, Discos, 4Runners, Audis, VWs and even an old 74 Series II RHD. I have been searching for this kind of rig for a while now.

About 15 years ago I ordered a Cross Lander. A Romanian SUV (pic below) that was "similar" to the Grenadier. Unfortunately it never hit the US market and I gave up shopping for a utility based vehicle. They even had dealerships, service centers and signage setup in the US. I gave a deposit and never heard another thing. I just forgot about it for years...


FFWD to last week and I thought I would google what happen to the Cross Lander... and low and behold I found a picture of the Ineos Grenadier. Being the Land Rover nutjub that I am I immediately recognized the Defender roots but just had to know more. My 74 Series II was one of the most fun vehicles I ever owned but It was a nightmare to take anywhere besides the corner store for smokes. I even entertained a newer 90's Defender but the 1960's tractor inspired dash just turns me off.

Once I found the Grenadier website I put down a deposit in the first 5 minutes of finding the site. haha. Thank you for building what the customers actually want. Now I just need to wait for the website to calm down a bit and build it. 

Is it confirmed that our deposit down will "hold" our build spot in line while we decide the options that we want?

Also whats the approx date for US deliveries?

Thank you.


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3:09 PM
Sep 26, 2021
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Hey Devo, welcome to the forum. Loads of good reading in the threads here to whet your appetite about the Grenadier. US deposits are due end of this year and shipping in summer 2023
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