Hello from Friday Harbor (San Juan Island, Washington)

Hello forum. Islander from Pacific Northwest here (little island in the Salish Sea). I run a medical practice and enjoy spending my time around the islands, on the water and in the mountains here in Cascadia. Long time Land Rover family; our first was a Disco, followed by another Disco and then an LR3 and then a Range Rover. I think Land Rover basically died (at least to me) around 2008 or so. The classic designs died and I bemoaned the fact of wanting a 97 D90 NAS but loathe paying 6 figures for one from Copley or East Cover Rover or any of the places that recondition them. Absolutely hate the new “Defender.” I still look all the time at the 97 NAS models, but when I found out about the Grenadier it became a quick obsession. With the open source manual, simplicity and classic looks/capability this might be my “forever vehicle.” I haven’t put the deposit down quite yet, but seriously considering. 

Might be fun to do some meet ups here in the islands or around the region if these actually materialize and the trend takes off.

Be well, gents (and ladies).


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Somehow, I think the lack of a reservation number will be remedied in short order....?
Stu_Barnes said:
Somehow, I think the lack of a reservation number will be remedied in short order....

Yep, deposit made. 
d1rty said:
My parents live outside Blaine!  Welcome.

Nice. They're right up there near the border. We've lived all over - Boulder, New Orleans, Hudson Valley, coastal Maine (Camden) and now Friday Harbor. It's our favorite place in the world and we're never leaving (especially with all the craziness happening over in "America").