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Chris Bourne

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Good afternoon all,
Have been registered since that went live and now await deposit time....
Have price the Station Wagon, Trailmaster and Fieldmaster with the accessories we want...The Trailmaster is well in front of the others.
I have a viewing appointment for 20th May here in the South West at Shilstone House...the word is that its still a 2B Proto Type...but will be nice to have a nose


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Hi Chris welcome to the forum! 

Yes you'll probably see the silver Interior prototype and maybe a 2B, but still great to see them in person if you haven't already. Can't state enough how cool these things are in the metal!


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Hello Chris Saw my first real one about 6 weeks ago after much pushing to find one near Wiltshire. Went to Izuzu tractor dealership off the M5 to see the prototype and have a ride in the dark red demo one.
Waiting now for the 18th to order the Fieldmaster - diesel i think????