Hello from Cologne!

Hi and welcome...I have been watching the development from the start and just had to struggle through the last three days trying to place my order.
Be patient and good things will come...apparently?


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Hi Max, so did I and my order was placed on Wednesday - fortunatly! Now I'm waiting for the next step...


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emax said:
Try "incognito mode" on firefox.

No chance at the moment, I am away from home and only have iPad and iPhone with me. The folks around me are all Apple equipped.
My first tries on Wednesday were on Firefox.

Emailed the DACH sales manager and got a response that he will contact his UK colleague. We will see.
I had to use a card attached to a savings account and did it on my ipad but I had heard that using your phone will work also.


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Finally it worked. Deleted all cookies in Safari on my iPhone (again), started the configuration from scratch and payed with my Visa debit card. Authentification poped up and worked, I could see the 2050€ debited to my bank account in the bank app. Then … the error message from the configurator poped up. Frustration, I checked my emails and found a mail from Ineos with the confirmation of my order. Now I should be happy, but I am still pretty much frustrated about this hazzle.