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Grenadier Ordered
Hello to all from Cheshire, UK
As I have put down my deposit I figured it would be worth looking for an appropriate forum as there are still lots of questions out there not yet fully answered. I have owned Defenders for the past 25 years and still have a Td5 SWB which I am not planning on selling anytime soon. 

The Grenadier appeals strongly due to its philosophy of a vehicle not just designed for 3 to 5 years ownership. The fact Land Rover have chosen to go fully fledged 'Lifestyle' only has done nothing to sell the product to me either. More importantly is the atrocious reputation Land Rover have for reliability and service. 
I too am wanting to opt for the Station Wagon as there are a lot of things on the Belstaff additions I am not looking for. Alloy wheels, compass, possibly leather, all come to mind. With some careful work I can keep the Station Wagon at circa £60,000. 
The big downside for me is the fuel consumption. I was hoping that modern technology etc would make this vehicle superior to my Td5. Doesn't look like that will be the case. Only concern with the Station wagon (which seems to have been addressed on this site), is rear seat set up compared to Belstaff editions. The other disappointment is they have not squared off the wheel arches for more practicality. Oh well, can't have everything but hopefully this vehicle gets close to all I am looking for.