exterior and internal utility fittings


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Has anyone asked Ineos about the fittings for these as i would expect all of us will have ideas of what they can build to utilize these features  when we went to view the vehicle they were in the dark about aftermarket accessories i would just like to buy the fittings and build myself .  


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Obviously hooks/bull rings etc. can be fitted and moved along the floor cargo track in the rear to secure all sorts of cargo.

I have seen the plastic inserts that can be fitting to the rails to seal them off and keep out dirt etc. if they are not in use.

I haven't seen specific products that could be fitted to the exterior side rails. Has anyone seen these?


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My understanding is it is standard L track.  If this is true, then look at the Sprinter van as they use the L track for accessories inside.  For outside, I figured we can use L track bolts to make attachments work on the utility track.