Atlanta 2B Prototype Tour

Attended the 2B Prototype tour in Atlanta, GA today. I was at the 2PM time slot. We had about 10-15 people in our group. Before Greg Clark began the QA portion, we had the chance to walk around a bit and peek in. Greg opened up with QA. The usual questions about pricing, specs were asked. I read on here someone previously asked about Euro delivery and I conveyed that question. Similar response, it's been discussed but not entirely confirmed. Mr. Clark did say we'd get pricing around end of Q4 for US. Order banks would open up around then. Reservation numbers aren't sequential and orders would be made as they come in but could be held up if added options weren't available. Also was told that towards the beginning of May 2022 we'll see much more expanded options in the configurator. Greg did mention the four door pickup, but due to the chicken tax it would be rather pricey. He mentioned that they think there's a demand for it in the US even as small as it may be. One last notable item was that they would be prewiring roof and exterior lighting points for ease.

After the QA session, but before we were able to get into the vehicle, we were told that no pictures of the undercarriage, however everything else was fair game. He also mentioned some fragile parts and to be careful around them.

Things that could be opened up were all four doors and the rear cargo door. Hood was not accessible. We were able to grab onto the alpine bars and see the roof. 

Things I really enjoyed:

-Alpine roof bars are a great functional addition
-Split rear door
-Safari roof windows
-Overhead console. The switches were big and easy to use even if gloves were on
-Center dash switches simple and tactile
-Seating position without the gauge cluster up front was questionable but I think I prefer it this way
-Visual appeal of the vehicle. Seeing it in pictures vs in person really put it into perspective, very utilitarian
-Exterior utility belt again is functional and with so many possibilities

Other observations:

-I didn't really find the cargo space small nor large
-There was a noticeable gap between the hood and the side wings. Looked like a 1/2 inch of rubber gasket in between. They didn't really have an answer if that would be in production or just prototype 
-Rear seats are about the same position in my D110. Passengers always comment on the higher height. However without the alpine windows might feel a bit more cramped
-Wish the window behind rear passenger door was able to open

Looking forward to being able to either be a passenger or drive one in the future. I think these small events spread out really keep the momentum going with those of us that are interested in moving forward.

I'll try to upload whatever media I have shortly. I'm thrilled to follow along and hopefully have one in my garage!


Founding Guard
Thanks for the great replay of the day! Sounds like things have slipped a bit both for the configurator release and when the US will get a price and turn a reservation into an order. I am excited for the configurator updates to be released!
[QUOTE username=Dominic Perry  dominicperry userid=8372267 postid=1332437875]Great photos. Thanks.

I haven't seen those vented from bumpers on any of the other prototypes I recall.[/QUOTE]

I think they said those weren’t final bumpers and undercarriage protection. I can’t remember exactly the wording used. 


Founding Guard
Great pictures, thanks for sharing.  It reminds me that  one thing that stuck out seeing it in person that I hadn't noticed from pictures is that the front windshield is completely flat.  Like the FJ Cruiser.