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Hello, all.  Being a loyal Toyota guy due to the reliability and capability, I felt guilt when I occasionally lost my way and wondered into the world or Jeeps. Actually, I like Jeeps, as well; just questioned their long term reliability and build quality. Anyway, now that I am flirting with Grenedier ownership, the guilt is starting to surface again. I can get over that guilt, I’m sure, if the vehicle is reliable and trouble free. Having said that, I am concerned about the B58 engine durability and reliability and what I have heard about certain issues. The configuration of the motor with certain components at the back of the engine and not easily serviced also is on my mind. My concerns could be completely unfounded, but it is what I have read during research. I also want to see how the dealer and service network is sorted because I don’t want a hassle when I need service or parts. This vehicle will represent fun and adventure for me and I don’t want that squashed with hassle and regret. As we approach U.S. launch, I know more information will be available and that will help a lot. Performance figures and actually driving the vehicle will help, a lot. I am cautiously optimistic that this will be my next new vehicle. 



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Don't believe everything you read on the internet.Mechanics who know these engines speak highly of them.Yes the timing chain is at the back of the engine and there is a good reason for that in this car.How often do you have to change a timing chain?I drove Landcruisers for decades but never felt a Jeep would go the distance.Very happy to have ordered a Grenadier.
You are absolutely correct, a timing chain is not likely a field replacement, anyway. I have found much better information since my post and I am feeling more positive about the power plant. Thank you for your comment! I am excited, but it is a guarded excitement because it all seems too good to be true, if you know what I mean. Cannot wait for more details to emerge. 


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The B57 and B58s are solid mate. No need to be concerned there at all. 

In this day and age you'll be hard pressed to find an engine without SOME sort of weakness, but these problems can be very few and far between.

Straight 6 for the win