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  1. AMD66

    Windscreen Top seal

    Has anyone had this happen on the windscreen top seal . Flush fit on drivers side but raised 5/6cm on N/S. I don’t appear to have any water ingress, yet. If you have had this did IG do a repair or replacement.
  2. acwiltshire

    windscreen washer reservior

    Refilling the screen washer I notice there is no integral filter . Is it just mine missing ? Spotted just in time to find a funnel with one.
  3. NoAge Hunter

    The first 10.000 km

    So, the first 10.000 km are done in the last 10 weeks. So far it was a lot of fun! Did I have electrical gremlins? Yes, but since 10 days they disappeared completely. Was there a need for a new windscreen after 3 days? Yes, but that has nothing to do do with the car but rather with a big stone...
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