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  1. S

    Windscreen wipers effectiveness

    Never had a problem until recently, however I've started to notice this over the past week or so - particularly if the roads have been salted. The outermost 3-4" of sweep of both wipers is failing to clear as well as the rest of the sweep. It's not particularly unusual to have this effect in the...
  2. Michael H.

    Windscreen Washer Tank Capacity

    For those with a deep and abiding need to know the capacity of the windscreen washer tank, my investigations suggest that it is 6.6L ... an impressive figure, given that the tanks in some other vehicles are around the 3L mark.
  3. Clark Kent

    Windscreen Sunshield

    I haven't found any aftermarket suppliers doing an interior folding windscreen sunshade. I am aware of full window shade sets but I only wanted something for the windscreen. Dear wife made one for our Grenadier by cutting down a 150 x 80cm sunshade which we bought from here (Australian example)...
  4. AMD66

    Windscreen Top seal

    Has anyone had this happen on the windscreen top seal . Flush fit on drivers side but raised 5/6cm on N/S. I don’t appear to have any water ingress, yet. If you have had this did IG do a repair or replacement.
  5. acwiltshire

    windscreen washer reservior

    Refilling the screen washer I notice there is no integral filter . Is it just mine missing ? Spotted just in time to find a funnel with one.
  6. NoAge Hunter

    The first 10.000 km

    So, the first 10.000 km are done in the last 10 weeks. So far it was a lot of fun! Did I have electrical gremlins? Yes, but since 10 days they disappeared completely. Was there a need for a new windscreen after 3 days? Yes, but that has nothing to do do with the car but rather with a big stone...
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