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  1. F

    E rated tires for it's weight?

    I'm looking at the Mickey Thompson Baha Boss tires 285/70/17 size. They have two versions, the STD which is 48lbs and the E rated that's 63lbs. Are the KO2s that come on it E rated? What weight are people going for?
  2. S

    Does anybody know the weight of the rhino platform + roof brackets?

    Hello does anybody knows the weight of the factory rhino platform and the brackets? I do have it but when I did found out it’s not working with the safari windows it was to late to change the order. Long story short at the moment I’m thinking about to customize it or buy an aftermarket one and...
  3. Korg

    AUS Diesel Trialmaster - Staying within weight limits

    Just doing some calcs today ☹️. With the payload for the diesel Trialmaster stated in the manual at 689kg it is almost impossible to stay within limits if you want a roof rack, carry extra fuel and have a draw system, awning, 40 litres of water and fridge plus tools etc. and a vehicle that can...
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