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utility wagon

  1. Michael H.

    Build Thread Grenadier Michael's Utility Wagon Build 🙂

    My build is nearing completion, in preparation for my biggest trip to date, a 16 day adventure through outback NSW, SA and Queensland visiting Nyngan, Broken Hill, Tibooburra, Cameron Corner, Innamincka, Betoota, Birdsville, Mungerannie and Blinman. My Utility Wagon (2-seater) has been set up...
  2. Ulysses31

    Just signed up!

    Hello all from Cornwall. Just a coulple of Grenadiers down here and I'm a lucky owner of the Utility version. Anyone else from the South West of the UK?
  3. jeremy_matrix

    2seat Commercial Utility Wagon 2nd row area; battery cover trim plates

    For anyone with a 2seat Utility Wagon, with no 2nd row seat. How does IA make the rear floor area smooth/level if the battery(ies) are still in the 2nd level? Only picture I can find on the web so far; Would like to make a Station Wagon (5seater) has a similar panel in the 2nd row.
  4. C

    2 seat Utility wagon rear door windows

    The prototype 2 seat utility wagon rear doors had window switches. The recent YouTube video by addehampan of a production 2 seat utility wagon shows the rear door window switches blanked (time stamp 2min 59s). Can the rear door windows for the 2 seat utility wagon still be controlled from the...
  5. Patrick BEDOS


    Good morning, I would like to have a water tank made that would be positioned behind the front seats. It would be wedged in front of the rear seats and would have the height approximately that of the base of the rear seats. Ideally I would like to have all the dimensions of this area of the car...
  6. jeremy_matrix

    Americas Utility Wagon, or Panels(vs Windows) for USA?

    Previously in the USA configurator we were allowed to add Panels instead of 3rd row Windows. But that option is now gone. Anyone know if that's official, and WHY? Also, anyone know of any plans for a 2seater Utility Wagon (ie no rear seat) for the USA? Kastenwagen/Troopy <love>.
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