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  1. M

    Supported USB-A/USB-C Port Power Standards (tested)

    Here we go with the poor support of the USB Power standards. We have DCP 5V 1.5A and CDP. Both are nearly the same, except that the Middle-Box USB Connectors have a Data-Connection to the Car-Display. The Connectors in the fond just provide power. [1] [2] As we have 5V * 1.5A = 7,5 W which is...
  2. Jean Mercier

    Connecting a USB-A stick or drive to the infotainment screen

    When you connect a device to the USB-A port in the central cubby box, you get: a short message saying "USB connected" It disappears at once and the screen says "No USB connected" This is quite contra intuitive, I thought the device wasn't recognized, but don't despair: Click on the menu...
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