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  1. S

    Camping table rattle

    For those who are interested. Here is my tip to get 100% rattle free Ineos camping table. Tried and tested over 6 months. Assuming the table is fitted correctly and tightly, it still rattles on bumps. Here is a few photos of the things I’ve done. So basically the arms rattle against each other...
  2. Shaheens

    The perfect Cargo Shelf + Tailgate Table

    Hello, I installed the following items from Bison Gear, the quality is great, very good price and easy to install 👍🏻 - Side table / Tailgate Table (the best part you don’t have to remove the original door cover and worry where to put the first aid kit). - Roof Shelf / Cargo Shelf - Folding...
  3. S

    Drawer System with Pull Out Table/Tailgate

    With going from my Land Cruiser with its super handy tailgate and work table surface to a Grenadier without one: I am wondering if any of the new Grenadier drawer companies are planning to make a slide out tailgate/table. I have had three Truck Vaults for my previous trucks and love them for...
  4. O

    eBay Alloy rear side window table shelf/storage rack

    Saw this on eBay today. Has anyone here fitted one of these? Looks like a neat dual use for the utility rails. The seller seems reputable, but my only concern is that it's a made-in-china type of product. Thoughts...
  5. M

    Black Sheep Table in Action

    Check out the door table. Really good stuff. From Black Sheep. View:

    GP Factor Folding Tailgate Table(s) - Standard and Storage Cubby

    Hey All, Just a heads up, Tables now available to order. For more info: Cheers!

    GP Factor

    Hey Guys! AJ From GP Factor. Excited to be a part of this forum as a vendor and lifetime member! If you are unfamiliar with GP Factor, we produce high end vehicle parts and camping gear in the USA. We have prided ourselves on making parts that do not compromise on quality, and provide years of...
  8. Offroad

    Americas DIY Garage Day - Checker Plate, Picnic Table, Wheel Swap.

    Getting back to my Bronco and Defender roots by doing a few small projects on my Grenadier (Checker Plate, 18" Wheel Swap), and a friend's Grenadier (Checker Plate + Table) and my 17" Wheels / Tires are on their way to Memphis in the Green Grenadier. The Blue and Green ones are stunning with...
  9. Offroad-Tec

    Offroad-tec Back door foldable table box

    We have designed a new table box for the Grenadier. You can change it 1:1 against the orig. plastic cover of the back door. Shop-Link: Regards - Markus
  10. grenadierboy

    Camp Table dimensions

    I ordered a camp table but it didn't arrive with my Grenadier (like many!) However, my old Waeco 35 fridge has died and I am looking to buy another portable fridge/freezer (bigger) that would fit in the back of the Grenadier. Therefore, I need to know how much the attached folded-up camp table...
  11. J

    New member from France

    Hi everyone, what a great forum ! So many informations available ! I'll receive my Trailmaster Diesel next week and wanted to know if anyone have a solution for a table under the Rhino Rack full rack as Front Runner have. I see in Australia Kaon has a system but the shipping + taxes makes it...
  12. emax

    Which camping table?

    I'm currently looking for a camping table. Must haves: Weather resistant Foldable to have a small pack size Stable but still lightweight Height adjustable on all legs, but at least on one of them Big enough to carry two dishes with beer cans of coffee mugs, and a pan and one or two food dishes...
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