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  1. madrowe

    New Member

  2. Deepblue

    1. Ineos Grenadier Festival Switzerland

    Hedin the Ineos Grenadier dealer in Switzerland had invited to a great event: 1st Ineos Grenadier Festival Switzerland. Presentation of the Quartermaster, outdoor activities and most important good opportunity to meet other Grenadier drivers. Long evening with delicious food, drinks and...
  3. Dukdelft

    Greetings from a Dutchman in Switzerland

    Ineos Grenadier enthusiast from early on. Ordered early (May 2022) but still anxiously waiting for it to be delivered. Interested in everybody's experiences with the car.
  4. Black Sheep

    Black Sheep Greetings from the Black Sheep

    The fact that our homepage or online shop does not work properly is what brought me here... :rolleyes: Maybe a good sign..... I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for this inconvenience.... We are currently better at manufacturing vehicle accessories than in the design of...
  5. nickelnoff

    Europe 30% of orders messed up in Switzerland - can INEOS Automotive really provide vehicles as requested?

    Fantastic news for all those folk that got to see their cars the other week at Hedin in Switzerland. Needless to say, logistics seemed to have got the better of INEOS and despite confirming multiple times the correct config directly with INEOS (as did Hedin) the wrong config was delivered (and...
  6. minidok

    Europe Switzerland: Hedin Automotive Group will present an IG prototype this weekend Oct. 22./23.

    Hedin Switzerland is going to host the event Adventure Days. Where you should get the chance to see another prototype of the Grenadier. The organisator is not only showing the brand Ineos but all his products around BMW and Mini. For further details, see the following link Hedin Automative...
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