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south africa

  1. Jeroendecker

    Greetings from Holland & South Africa

    Hi everyone! Today I took delivery of my amazing grenadier here in the Netherlands! I loved the car so much I also ordered the same one in Capetown where I spent a lot of my time as well! :-) looking forward to meeting you all!
  2. L

    Checking in from Joburg, South Africa

    Hi All, Have had my Grenadier since Sept 22 and am mostly impressed. Have done a couple of long dirt trips and a gnarly 4x4 trail too. Glad to have found this forum as I am particularly interested in the electrickery and how to make it work for me. Good to be here...!
  3. D

    Hi from South Africa, Garden Route area,

    Looking forward to all Grenadier discussions.
  4. [ Adam ]

    3rd party Videos Expedition Portal - Crossing Continents Episode 1: South Africa

    I've been waiting for this! Its great to see the Grenadier featured so prominently, and I'm looking forward to seeing all of their ups and downs. From the youtube listing: "For episode one of Crossing Continents, we document our journey from taking delivery of the Ineos Grenadier in the UK to...
  5. C

    New member from South Africa, keen to share and try!!

    Hi hi, owner for 6 months, ready to try some stuff....
  6. JaySA

    Hello from JHB South Africa

    Hi All I ordered the Grenadier on the 3rd of Feb, and the contract was signed on the 15th of Sep. Production is still unknown. I hope to learn more about the vehicle and prepare for my modification. And hopefully, the Grenadier will be better than my current overland vehicle.
  7. jannie0127

    Hi from South Africa

    HI All. So I'm now standing in line. Feels much better than watching the line... As the heading states I am from South Africa. I've selected the Trailmaster Edition, with some additional specs including the winch. Well not much more to add. Good to be here.
  8. Logsplitter

    3rd party Videos Ignition review South Africa /Lesotho

  9. J

    Hello from sunny South Africa.

    I am a veteran off-road self drive tour operator and event organiser in Southern Africa. I have been using Land Rover Defenders and Toyota Land Cruisers in the past - can't wait for the new Grenadier!
  10. Stu_Barnes

    Mail and Guardian review (South Africa) “Although there have been whispers of military variants potentially being used in Botswana, there is no official word on this.”
  11. Stu_Barnes

    South Africa KykNET Buite Ekspo at Môreson Plaas ( 24th - 26th March 2023 )

    Production Grenadier on show. Anybody going? They also have some of the Namibia trails videos and the SA final mile videos. Not sure if the accessories catalogue is different though.
  12. Wayneos

    IOL review (South Africa)

    Inverness, Scotland - The design brief was simple: a triangle signifying three non-negotiables that would be the basis for a new car aimed at the off-road community worldwide...
  13. Stu_Barnes

    South Africa PT02 (Customer Drive Kwazulu-Natal) 25 Feb-05 Mar

    If you're going let people know, if you don't know anything about this event and think that you should have been notified, then tell INEOS Automotive..........
  14. Stu_Barnes

    South Africa PT02 (Customer Drive Gauteng) 21-25 Feb

    If you're going let people know, if you don't know anything about this event and think that you should have been notified, then tell INEOS Automotive..........
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