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  1. bbq4133

    Floor scratches from grit between the rubber piece and metal

    Hey all: Noticed some very light scratches in the metal floor in the driver's footwell, presumably from sand/grit between the rubber floor piece and the floor itself. None appear to be through to the metal, just surface. Any ideas how to best care for this? Was just going to hit it with some...
  2. khmarks

    Rubber mount / bumper placement

    Received my Grenadier 12/20/23. Had a rubber piece fall out the back a day later... attached is a picture of it. Can't figure out where it goes. Anyone help?
  3. emax

    Installed my boot rubber mat

    Today, I installed my boot rubber mat. A trivial job, but I'll share my work anyway. Why: I have a utility with a dark grey liner in the boot. Right after the first transport of an 8 Kg "Böller" (saluting gun) the liner had the first ugly scratches, although I had strapped the thing quite...
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