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  1. T

    Americas Steering Recall - Anyone have pics of the correct nuts?

    My vehicle is in the VIN range of those 60 or so vehicles falling within the recall. I bought my vehicle from the dealer AFTER the recall was issued, so you would think it was performed, but I cannot tell. Can anyone post a pic of their non-affected steering rod ball joint nuts for comparison...
  2. Red pepper

    Australasia Ineos Grenadier recalled in Australia
  3. Jean Mercier

    Europe European recall on steering

    I was informed by another Grenadier owner of this: Could it be the same recall as the North American one? Or is this different? The...
  4. don't ignore warning ligh

    Power Steering Recall

    After seeing that over 60 Ineos Grenadier vehicles have been recalled in the US I wanted to try to find out how many of us this has affected. Our Grenadier had an almost catastrophic failure at the beginning of September. We flagged this as a potential safety hazard and were categorically told...
  5. AngusMacG

    New Recall on Steering

    Here is an article about a new recall on the steering rod ball joint...Affects 61 vehicles and as of Dec 7th they modified the procedure on the assembly line.
  6. AngusMacG

    New recall from NHTSA/Ineos just saw a brief article that INEOS is recalling about 700 vehicles for the auxiliary wiring issue.
  7. Roach

    Americas Recall: Wiring issue, Aux switch

    FYI Ineos Automotive Americas, LLC (Ineos) is recalling certain 2024 Grenadier vehicles equipped with the auxiliary switch package relay. The relay control wire may have been trapped under the relay power cable connection fastener...
  8. G

    Transfer Case recall/replacement.

    Has anyone whose vehicles are affected by the recall on the transfer case had theirs replaced yet? Mine was booked into Compass Automotive of Bridgewater (UK) yesterday. Five hours later, and all was done, test driven and signed off. I watched the technician doing some of the work, and he was...
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