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  1. Bodhi’s Grenadier

    Prototype Eibach 2.5” leveling + lift

    I am super honored and pleased to have been approached by Eibach in the US to prototype springs for them. they initially ordered a set of 30mm and 40mm euro spec springs to install on two cars here in california. Agile Offroad received and fit the 40mm set on their non winch equipped rig. Eibach...
  2. M

    Quartermaster utility version prototype

    I was able to take same pictures of the QM utility versions which is at least in Germany not released for order. Only TM and FM special editions can be ordered. Obviously there are some drain holes in the spare tire pockets but more interessting to me is the fact that there remains a...
  3. BD1

    3rd party Videos TFL Prototype Test Drive

    TFL impressions.....pretty positive and seemed to know the Grenadier functions much better than Harry. View:
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