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  1. ADVAW8S

    Windshield protection option.

    I was watching YouTube and came across a windshield protection for Jeeps and Broncos. The idea is there are three layers and every 6 months you rip a layer off similar to what off road drivers do on helmet visor shields. I reached out to them to see if they would make one for the Grenadier...
  2. Rupert

    Who wants underbody skids? I have had a solid conversation with BudBuilt!!!

    OK, I just hung up with Bud. He is totally willing to design and prduce full underbody skids for the Gren. Calling all North Carolina owners. He needs a truck for a day or two and he is in (Hudson, NC) near Hickory, NC. Is anyone willing to part with their Gren for a couple days to allow him...
  3. DeepH20

    Side Protection Bars - Installation Questions

    Hey everyone. I just got my hands on a pair of the side protection bars (I'll refer to them as the bars) that mount onto the bull bar and the rock sliders. To be clear I have already installed the bull bar and rock sliders... no problems. I have a couple of questions I'm hoping someone can...
  4. Loc Nar

    Underbody Protection from Rival

    I just received word from Rival that they have opened their pre-order books for Aluminum skid plate protection for the transfer case and engine: Transfer Case ($299) Engine ($349) For what you get, and compared to the competition, I believe these prices to be fair. I've tossed my hat in for...
  5. Paco Garcia

    Remove door threshold protection

    Hello friends, someone has dismantled the plastics that protect the door thresholds. Do you know if they are press-fitted, with staples, or glued? I want to put an additional protection tape and I would prefer to do it under these so as not to have to cut. You tell me, thank you
  6. ealshamsi

    Vehicle protection and tint films

    Hello Grenadieres, I am planning to give my Grenadier an entire body protection film and tint the car glasses against scratches and to maintain the car's color. What are your recommendations for hot weather regions? And do I really need it? Eisa
  7. emax

    Krah + Enders Event Yesterday and minor accessory from K+E

    Yesterday, K+E had organised an outdoor event at the MSC Aufenau motocross track. Weather was perfect. You could drive your own car or a demo car around the motocross track with an off road instructor. And the new Quartermaster was shown, which was still a prototype but looked like a...
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