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  1. anand

    Americas Quartermaster Pricing Poll

    What's everyone's thoughts on pricing here in the US? The Quartermaster's starting price of $86,900 for a base ($94,900 for Trialmaster or Fieldmaster), places it $15,400 over that of a Grenadier. An equivalent build from my Grenadier is ~17% higher, which factoring the supposed 25% Chicken...
  2. emax

    D-A-CH Treffen, Lokation: Abstimmung

    Für das hier besprochene Treffen bitte ich alle, die tasächlich kommen möchten, um ihre Stimme für die Lokation. Nach einiger Überlegung denke ich, dass nur registrierte Nutzer auch abstimmen können. Wer also als Begleiter mitkommt und nicht hier registriert ist, muss das Votum der anderen...
  3. Solmanic

    Poll - How is your new Grenadier really?

    With deliveries underway and the many recent posts by people experiencing issues, it's rapidly giving an overwhelming impression that a lot of vehicles being delivered have problems. However this being the internet, I am hoping there are many others who have no issues they think are worth...
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