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  1. mlagren23

    Americas Picked up my Gren this week from RTGT dealer in Wilsonville, OR. A great experience overall!

    I worked with Tanner Scanlon at RTGT. A wonderful experience overall. As it turned out the Gren I had ordered in May of 23 did not make it on the latest ship to Tacoma, thus it would be probably mid summer before I saw it. Tanner went thru the stock Grens that were available and I was able to...
  2. JRD

    Americas P/U Fieldmaster in Seattle

    Picked up my Fieldmaster last night. Added PPF and the red "A" to hood and back door. Elliot Bay Grenadier (Auto Brokers) did a great job. I would reccomend them. Shout out to Cole and Kevin...very professional and they took care of questions and issues quickly. Love this car , well worth...
  3. JRD

    Seattle - Car At Port

    Got the call I have been waiting for. Elliot Bay Auto Brokers called to let me know my car arrived last week at the Port of Tacoma. Ordered a Scotish White Fieldmaster. Can't wait to my hands on it. So far the dealership has been great.
  4. A

    New member, PNW USA: _Alex_

    Hello, everyone. I'm a new member here. I recently heard about this forum from a member named Rusty--not sure what his handle is. We met at the Seattle driving experience. So, cheers, everyone!
  5. H

    Hello From Bc Canada

    Hello from the Kootenays in BC Canada. As a current (and recent) reservation holder I am hoping someone can help me with finding info on the next prototype/in person tour through British Columbia. Super motivated to see one of these in person and help make my reservation feel real. Thanks!
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