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new jersey

  1. H

    Hello from Northern New Jersey!

    I just took delivery of my new Grenadier a couple of weeks ago. Really enjoying it so far. Looking forward to a lot of overland and beach driving this summer.
  2. AngusMacG

    New Jersey work trip

    For those in Jersey…I’m going to plan a 2 day trip to NJ to visit customers. Looking for the best area to get a hotel room for the night. I have only driven thru Jersey down the TPKE or the PKWY. Basically not really familiar with the areas. Plan is below: Day 1: Leave MA and drive to...
  3. Krabby

    Americas NJ buyers’ fees

    Hello my Jersey brethren - since we are all purchasing out of state, we are relying on dealers for paper work. Most of us are getting our trucks from a PA or CT dealer and these are the fees I have been quotes: Doc 449 Notary 50 Plate 34 Messenger 40 Lien 33 Title 393.80 Reg 236 Are others...
  4. Mjolnirs

    Greetings to all,from Bogota,New Jersey

    My name is Dave, I've been on this journey since 11/17/2020. I picked up my Greni last night from Curry IG dealer in Danbury Connecticut. The only way I can explain it is like meeting my child for the first time(ok that's a little over exaggerated). Looking forward to meeting all or some of you...
  5. Krabby

    Americas East Coast (NJ) get together?

    Throwing this out there - wondering if there would be interest in a pub/restaurant gettogether in the not too distant future? I'm in south Jersey on the coast and my friend owns a bar - but I recognize that's pretty far away from everyone else. My wife is from Hillsborough though, and that's...
  6. Krabby

    Americas Jersey Strong

    I’ve noticed a few NJ folks are joining the forum. Thought I’d start a roll call within a roll call for locations. I‘m on the mainland by Long Beach Island. Exit 67 GSP.
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