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  1. DaBull


    I Just received my Grenadier back from Wrap Labs in Westlake, California. Prior to installing my low profile 3/4 Leitner Designs Roof Rack I wanted to get the roof wrapped as I live at the coast and it will not be easy to wash under it. I also had an experience of over using the window washing...
  2. B

    Two practical mods for under £10

    Whilst trying to make the Grenadier more user friendly for daily use I now have additional storage above my head and somewhere to keep the pens! You still get plenty of light through the safari window and it can be removed in a few seconds.
  3. Tom D

    Show us your mods.

    Fitted a wee 300w inverter. Enough power for what I need, which will only be a MacBook Pro and a Makita battery charger. I chose this one because it fits perfectly on the bottle jack holder and it has a low enough draw to be spliced in to the aux socket in the boot. The fuses are on the back...
  4. C

    Anyone thinking about modifications?

    Hello! What's everyone thinking about modifications or are you going to keep it stock? I'm thinking wheels, exhaust 😉, and a lightbar (I'm waiting for aftermarket ones that don't require an entire roof rack too). Nothing too controversial, just making it mine 😁 What about you?
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