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  1. IGL

    Compressor - mobile or built-in, which is preferable?

    Hello everyone, we are 4x4 rookies - as we said when we joined the forum - but it's never too late to start a new chapter. So far we've been able to pick up a few suggestions, ideas and tips, but there's one question we can't get any further with without support. We now want to start slowly...
  2. H

    looking for safari windows sunshade and mobile mount

    Hi I am Looking For Mobile mounting and Safari Windows sunshades. is anyone can help me
  3. JohnHeagney

    Mobile phone mount and charging process

    On the subject of mobile phones, I posted this in another thread but think that it justifies its own thread. it is a shame that Ineos Automotive having created a masterpiece with the Grenadier but they haven‘t designed in a location to store your phone when driving and allow it to be on charge...
  4. emax

    Mobile phone as GPS tracker

    Has anyone ever thought of using a discarded cell phone as a GPS tracker or theft detector? It has everything built in: A GPS chip, a battery, a low-power design for longer battery life, and a sim card with GSM access. And there seem to be some apps for this purpose. Does anyone have any...
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