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  1. heekis

    Does someone have the length measurements of the stock shocks?

    Really appreciate if anyone has the measurement that can share with me for the stock shocks, eye to eye, front to rear, extension and compression.
  2. Krabby

    Dash measurement please

    Would someone please measure the space between the stop/start and audio knob. I have found a tiny garage remote control fob and I'm hoping it will fit in there nicely (just stuck on). The fob's dimensions are roughly 4 cm x 6 cm. Also, what is the approx size of the white rectangle that...
  3. Lemon35

    Americas Picture Requests or Measurements?

    I'll be picking up my TM on Wednesday and plan to have it on a 4 post lift Thursday or Friday for a proper inspection. My dealer did get a laugh at me just diving under the Dealer Demo a couple months ago... I've have my camera, a pair of calipers, and a measuring tape handy. I do not have a...
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