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  1. MattG

    Maxtrax recovery track ladder mounting bracket

    I mounted two XTR Maxtrax-mini specific mounting brackets onto the rear ladder using four clamps, strengthened with two pieces of 30x3mm flat steel bar. Very rigid, lockable and still allows plenty of access to the rear door handle. I chose the Maxtrax Jack-base and mini recovery boards (rather...

    GP Factor *New* - Maxtrax & Rotopax Spare Tire Mounts from GP Factor

    Good Morning Grenadier Fam! We are excited to announce two new (of many to come) products for your Grenadier - Our Maxtrax Spare Tire Mount and Rotopax Spare Tire Mount. Both of these are a very easy install with no modification needed. You remove your Spare tire cover or storage box, bolt to...
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