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  1. oldblueeyes

    Headlamp Fuse location

    Does anyone know which FUSE is for the headlamps/daytime running lamps and where it is located? Fooling around with some additional lighting this weekend and can't seem to locate which fuse controls the exterior lights. Thanks for your help!
  2. P

    General Remote oil filter location

    Any plans to offer a remote oil filter location? Any after-market vendors? The plastic oil filter housing screws into a base, what is the base material? Plastic or aluminum metal?
  3. P

    General Remote oil filter location

    Any plans or an after-market part for a remote filter housing relocation? The plastic filter housing screws into a base. What is the base material : plastic or metal?
  4. N

    Factory Subwoofer Connection Location

    Do we know the location of the harness plug/connector when adding the JBL Nano as DIY install? I have the aux battery but the stock head unit has zero oomph so considering adding the JLB Nano.
  5. Wazza

    Fuse Location

    Hi, Does anyone know which fuse in which fuse box is behind the roof panel switch no '6' In the picture below it is the power for three of the rooftop outlets totalling 25A.
  6. j3t3r

    Trickle Charger hookup location

    Am wondering where the best way to attach a trickle charger to the Grenadier ? Either under the hood/bonnet or to the batteries in the rear seat ?
  7. staitleman

    Speed Click Location

    Has anyone located the actual device that makes the clicking sound?
  8. K

    High Beam Wire Location?

    I am having trouble locating the Yellow/Green high beam wire under the bonnet in my US, left hand drive Grenadier. Any help? Photos of the location?

    Location of the 500Amp

    If this has already been discussed, I apologize. Was not able to find an exact answer. Can anyone tell me where the 500a connection is located? Not the switch (thats up top of course) but where the wiring for this terminates? Thanks
  10. W

    High load 500 a bonnet outlet location

    Can anyone help find the location of the high load 500 a bonnet outlet ? I am going to install a frontbumper winch. Thanks
  11. Voader - Oudersopzwier

    Location of the ECU in the Grenadier.

    Hi, Has someone any idea where the ECU is located In the Grenadier? Thanks,
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