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  1. K

    High Beam Wire Location?

    I am having trouble locating the Yellow/Green high beam wire under the bonnet in my US, left hand drive Grenadier. Any help? Photos of the location?

    Location of the 500Amp

    If this has already been discussed, I apologize. Was not able to find an exact answer. Can anyone tell me where the 500a connection is located? Not the switch (thats up top of course) but where the wiring for this terminates? Thanks
  3. W

    High load 500 a bonnet outlet location

    Can anyone help find the location of the high load 500 a bonnet outlet ? I am going to install a frontbumper winch. Thanks
  4. Voader - Oudersopzwier

    Location of the ECU in the Grenadier.

    Hi, Has someone any idea where the ECU is located In the Grenadier? Thanks,
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