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license plate

  1. B

    Looking to purchase a UK Vintage License Plate for my IG - need help

    My state does not have front license plate requirement and I am planning on getting a UK license plate to put on. I have done some research and decided I would like to purchase a vintage plate from the 1940s (to reference WWII and the Land Rover prototype that was built on a Jeep chassis) and...
  2. S

    This might help with all the questions

    In an effort to curb a few “what is that?” questions, I had stamp out a plate!
  3. unimogfrog

    Americas How to mount a REAR License Plate?

    Now that my new License plates arrived, I finally removed the dealer installed Paper plate, only to find no viable way to mount my Rear plate. The Dealer screwed 2 thin sheet metal screw into my bumper (thank you) to mount this paper plate but this is unacceptable for a permanent Plate mount...
  4. Offroad

    Americas Looking for a 'GRENADIER' Front License Plate

    All - I am looking for a Grenadier Front license plate like the one used on the promo pics and videos. I think it's a very cool look and perfect for those not required to have a front license plate. Other than cost, I can't imagine why they didn't put one on every new vehicle. If anyone has...
  5. ealshamsi

    UAE Which UAE's License Plates size do you prefer?

    Marhaba, Which is a more suitable License Plate for the Grenadier in the UAE do you prefer? Is it the regular (small) size or the wide one (long)? Personally, I am more into the small one, because I think it is more suitable, and it goes with the square shape of the Grenadier. Which one do you...
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