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  1. Krabby

    Build Thread Krabby and Ol' Glaurie

    Ok - FINALLY got my truck!!! I picked it up late afternoon yesterday and took a "scenic" 🤣 drive home through Philly. I have zero familiarity with things so lots to learn over the next few days. That said. Initial positive reactions: Love it - haven't smiled while driving this much in ages...
  2. Krabby

    Local Area Thread Seeing is believing!

    Check out this thread about me, Stu, and something you might put up with us just to see!
  3. Krabby

    Local Area Thread Seeing is believing!

    Words. Check Audio. Check. Video… We’ve punished you with our words, then our voices, and soon, our faces. Apologies in advance but words alone would have been an injustice to what you’ll see. I was there. Stu was there. A VIP was there. And a star unlike any other takes center stage...
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